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Author Page for Nick Slocombe
Nick has provided the numerous pictures during the last few years. He has a large selection of U.K. pictures both here and on his own site at Smugsmug. Playing with light and movement are some of his specialties, as numerous pictures on this site show. You can find Nick's pictures of Sweden, Switzerland and several others countries, soon to be followed by exotic Finland and India.


Created for by Nick Slocombe and John McKey. Pictures by Nick Slocombe.

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Nick Slocombe in Kalkutta, India
In the picture Nick is riding on a hot day on Howrah, Calcutta local train and enjoying the warmth during vacation. Look at the southern light, how different it is from some of the northern pics.

GBRF class66 number 722 at Old Lindsdale, U.K.
Class 66 / JT42CWR are probably the most numerous diesel locomotives in Europe. See Nicks pictures of Class 66...



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  Class 66 Pictures by Nick Slocombe
GBRF class66 number 722 at Old Lindsdale, U.K.

The British class 66 has become more or less an icon of diesel traction in many European countries. Hundreds of these tight loading gauge but powerful diesels are in daily use hauling freights for their customers. As an American design the JT42CWR as it is called by type is built to withstand hard use and this EMD manufactured model has that way gained wide acceptance among numerous operators. Although no more in production expect to see these locos for the next hundred years or so, so they are still in production for a loong while.

Nick Slocombe has taken hundreds of pictures of the Class 66, some of which are to be seen here at

Freightliner Class 66 number 66414
Freightliner Class 66 number 66502
  See more Class 66 / JT42CWR pictures of Nick...

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