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Courbevoie Communications Link
Welcome to the communications link. This functionality helps you to easily reach us. We value your opinion, ideas and questions, so feel free to send us a message! If you are looking for a picture to publish, this is also the place to go forward.

The aim of is to be two directional, so while we make our best effort to provide YOU with accurate and uptodate information on railways, we also hope you could also provide us with some more material, news, information, etc. And definitely we wish to hear feedback from you as well. When filling in the information, please remember: the publishers of do their work for nonprofit, on their own time and given that limited time try their best! There is no such thing as a flawless railroad publication, nor is this. We have also found the forums of as a great place to talk about railroading.

For an information update once you have completed filling in the form we will send you an address to post the text and picture materials!  For feedback please feel free to write what you wish. Please don't hesitate to contact us, we won't bite! 

As our service gets its share on senseless junk mailing through this form, we were forced to start using means to prevent it.

  1. If you are not spamming, please proceed!
 Spamming is bad... 2. If you have been hired by someone to type in the message in poor English to the form, this is far as you are permitted to go!

  If you are trying to reach us, please continue by answering the challenge word. This will lead you to the message page.

ICN / Rabde500 at Wassen on Gotthard Route

Please type to the box the picture text and proceed to step 2 to fill in your message.


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