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This is the beginnings of the future Courbevoie - the Sidetrack in French language - which will cover the subjects not available elsewhere on other sections on left. We will start with some train movies.

 Railways and the movies

  Mr Bean Goes to Holiday  ****
89 minutes, directed by Rowan Atkinson, Europe 2007
Rowan Atkinson, Max Baldry, Emma de Caunes, Villem Dafoe, Jean Rochefort, Karen Roden and Pierre Benois-Varoclier
Mr Bean Goes to Holiday differs from most of the Bean movies with it's good humored and forward rolling road movie type. And to differ from most of the Bean movies as well, while most of the humor is still made at the cost of Mr Bean himself, there also a lot of parts where Atkinson reachers towards new heights on the comedy. The Holiday version of Mr Bean is also a train movie, the travel starts with Eurostars, continues with numerous TGV trains (actually the movie makers don't seem to be able to make any difference between TGV and TGV between two shots glued together...) and life around them, so you'll see quite a few of super high speed trains by the time the mode changes to Morris Mini (yes, the tiny little car from Great Britain of the 1970's). Towards the end there is more and more good humor around the film community, and by the time the final shots start with "La Mer..." you'll be probably humming along...

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  The Station Agent  *****
86 minutes, directed by Thomas McCarthy, USA 2003
Fin McBride (Dinklage), Patricia Clarkson, Bobby Cannavale, Michelle Williams, Jayce Bartok and Paul Benjamin 
Winner of three awards at the 2003 Sundance Film Festival, 'The Station Agent' also scooped a BAFTA for Best Original Screenplay.
The Station Agent is a movie of being different, in numerous respects in this case, and living an interesting life with that. Fin McBride inherits an abandoned station in the middle of nowhere and moves there from New York. All the new station owner wants to be is to be alone. But as the silver lining with the dark cloud there seems to be a bunch of meaningful people around the lonely station. Among others, there is Olivia, a disctracted troubled artist and Joe with a hunger for conversation. With absolutely nothing in common, they find their lonely lives coming together and to form a friendship none of them could foresee. 

Mr Bean Goes to Holiday See the trailer on Youtube...    
 Mr Bean Goes to Holiday Station Agent on     

  The Titfield Thunderbolt
80 minutes, directed by Charles Crichton, Britain 1953 
A good humored movie about villagers who start running the to be abandoned steam railline. The play to get the railline closed is as foul as ever and the preservers quite resourceful. A movie for everyone enjoying steam railroads, steam rollers and old times with old fashioned sense of humor.    

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