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DB ICE3 class 406 stopping in Liege, Belgium

Pictures from Europe - Miscellaneous countries in near alphabetical order, most have already moved to the newer page 
  Germany - Miscellaneous    

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Br50 steam locomotive number 2988 in Zollhaus, GermanyRBH electric E1200 number 014 near Duisburg, GermanyMetronom class 246 loco number 009 in Buxtehude, Germany
Class 648 DMU number 105 in Buxtehude, Germany
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HZL Regio Shuttle numbers 205 and 235RBH electric E1200 number 014 near Duisburg, Germany
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   Belgium - Miscellaneous    
DB ICE3 class 406 stopping in Liege, Belgium
DB ICE3 class 406 stopping in Liege, BelgiumLiege station, Belgium
Thalys PBKA unit 4345 in its new livery, Liege, BelgiumThalys PBKA unit 4345 in its new livery, Liege, Belgium
SNCB old rebuilt EMU in Liege, BelgiumSNCB old EMU in Liege, BelgiumSNCB electric multiple unit number 361 at Liege station, BelgiumLiege station, Belgium
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SNCB electric loco number 2159 at Liege station, BelgiumTraxx loco E186 number 121 at Mechelen, Belgium
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   High Speed & Super High Speed       

Velaro-D DB class 407 unit taking shape at Siemens high tech facilities in Germany



Maybe the most successful locomotive in Europe, the JT42CWS/class 66, here shown in Ulm Germany as HGK JT42CWR number DE672 operated by Transpetrol. Picture by Ilkka Siissalo 2007.
  The JT42CWS/class66 page...

Waiting for the Metro under Motparnasse Bienvenue, which signifies the father of the Paris Metro in addition to being a salutation. will have an article on the development of the Metro in Paris during the winter period 2008-2009.  Picture by Sanna Siissalo 2008. 

Brand new TGV-POS's pose in Paris Gare du Nord for the camera. Almost brand new...the locomotives are new, while the coaches are from the TGV-Reséau sets. Single story trains of 320 km/h serve well the limited numbers of passengers between France and Germany. once the volumes pick up, it's guaranteed that the double decked coaches will be swapped to these units. Picture by Sanna Siissalo 2008. 

An Eurostar Capital number 3207 unboarding in Paris-GNO. Although Britain is part of the European Union as well, curiously the Eurostars are located behind the gates. While pass control rules are relaxed due to the Schengen agreement between most European countries, Britain makes an exception to the rule. Picture by Sanna Siissalo 2008.
One of the newest country additions in, Latvia Main Page has some interesting material...
See our North America Section with ever groving selection of pictures...  

See our new Super High Speed News page! Picture by Sanna Siissalo 2008.

Union Pacific is the other of the 2 huge railroad companies in the western USA. See UP locomotive rosters!   Picture by Left Coast Rail Videos 2008. 

A BNSF Roster Page has been opened. With a number of C449W's there are also a few of other locomotive types. More will be added regularly.  

Freight Cars Picture Page displays some of the most common freight car types of North America.  Picture by Ilkka Siissalo 2007. 

On the Baltic side, Estonian section is being upgraded...

A BNSF C44-9W is leading a combined stack and trailer train on the east side of the California Valley in the summer of 2008. See all 37 pictures of the train...   

Ilkka Siissalo took this rare picture of 2Te116 monster in Finland hauling pulpwood for the Finnish east border numerous paper mills. We will discuss the subject in detail later. 

Some of the numerous types of older french electric road locomotives on the Picture by Sanna Siissalo. Well go into details of these interesting locomotive types while we have time later. 

An Amtrak Roster Page has also been opened. Follow us to Washington and California! 

Sound Transit Picture Page has also been opened. Is it always raining in Seattle?  Picture by Ilkka Siissalo 2007.

San Francisco Cable operated street cars in the Picture of the Month. These cable cars will be described in the picture story by John McKey in the fall 2008.    

Another cable car in the center of San Francisco.      

American in Estonia, yearly updates on Estonian pages coming soon, + additional C-boat roster pictures!   

Hannu Peltola discusses on Choosing the theme for his H0 Great Northern layout.  

Another way west, at the periphery of the  European Union, Finland has practically no land connections suitable for traffic to the Central Europe, so numerous ships form the connection. Shown here is one of the Superfast Ferries now owned by Tallink Group of estonia. Superfast connects Helsinki Finland with German north coast.  

Another way west, between Stockholm Sweden and Helsinki, Turku or Mariehamn on the Finnish side (and Tallinn in Estonia), a heard of ships from different companies gather in Stockholm every day, year round, even when the sea is frozen.

The Pendolino buffet car type TTC in Ilmala.  

Finnish VR-Yhtyma Pendolino between the assignments at Ilmala depot in Helsinki. 

The Finnish VR-Yhtyma Pendolino connection between the cars. The Pendolino cars are not articulated, like those of the TGV. 

VR-Yhtyma Intercity2 has the (go ahead) lights on Helsinki Main and is accelerating slowly towards the points that guide the train towards the Pasila station. In the background a ferris wheel in Linnanmaki amusement park.

Helsinki Ilmala yard housing Sr1's and Sr2's. Here side by side Sr1 number 3031 and Sr2 number 3210 outside the maintenance building.

John McKey behind the camera in Narva Estonia in the fall of year 2007. 

Hannu Peltola taking a closer look at the curious pressurized air operated switch points in Kohtlajarve.

Swedish Green Cargo T44 number 321 doing switching duties at Värtahamnen harbour is Stockholm.  

Swedish Vättertåg local company operated X53 tilting regional emu at Jönköping Central station. The train is owned by the Swedish national railways SJ. 

Heavy traffic during the rush hour in Moscow. Notice the trolley buses in the background. 

West meets East, 2 fortresses facing each other over the river Narva. On the right the Ivangorod fortress guarding the east and the fofrtress that looks like it would be from the knights period gueading the west bank of Narva.

The French/Russian style station in desolate state, Vaivara Estonia. Many of these beautifull old stations could easily be restored  to their original condition and converted for living. But who would wish to live next to tracks carrying 8000 ton freight trains, day and night? 

The Russian Railways Rzd Tep70 number 15043045 waiting for assignments in narva on the Estonian side of the river. Notice the curtains on the drivers compartment :) . 

Another Rzd Tep70 number 15043987 on it's lazy day in Narva late 2007. 

Happy reseeing - the Eesti Raudtee GE C36-7i number 1546 this time not on the point of a heavy freight train but arriving to Kohtlajarve with the local. Quite a monster for a road switching duty!    

Estonian Eesti Raudtee (EVR) hopper car. This new hopper is of a very typical Russian design. Although of rough iron design, it makes sense to buy Russian hoppers since the price is just a fraction of the western counterparts. Remember: The Soviet Union was a heavy weight giant, and some of the production capability still spans for today, just on a privatized/semiprivatized form. 

A copy of the american Difco dump car this "Rusco dump car" is of a very common type being used in Estonia.  

A whole unit train of the EVR owned "Rusco" dump cars in Kohtlajarve waiting for the next assignment. 

Helsinki Finland - a vintage pair of 1959 built street cars used on a special theme day to transport excited passengers. The 85 years of "line 3" street cars happening was incredibly popular.  

1691...the year of the first passenger "railway", here at the grounds of the Louis the Sun Kings summer castle. (The railway, nor the castle exist anymore, but the the place of the castle can easily be seen in the middle of the picture). More on the subject in Timeline, see the year 1691. 

SBB/CFF Re6/6 model on Alpine Railway as another train passes the station in the background.
 Some of the Swiss models on Alpine Railway
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