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Pictures of the Month 2010 - 2012

Welcome to Pictures of the Month 2010 - 2012 Page! There is also a page for the Pictures of the Month 2007 - 2009.

List of the latest pictures of the month:
  December 2012: Magic of Snowy Norway...
  November 2012: Railroading in South Sudan...
  October 2012: The Eurosprinter ES64U2 Taurus Parade...
  September 2012: 150 Years of Railroading Festivities of Finland...
  August 2012: Steam Narrow Gauge railroading in Uppsala, Sweden...

  July 2012: Super Fast Travelling with the TGVs, Paris, France...
  June 2012: High Tech Green Cargo Switching in Luleå, Sweden...
  May 2012: NSB new Flirt EMU design, Norway...

  April 2012: Translohr Trams of Padova, Italy...
  March 2012: Swiss Red Vintage EMUs with Nose...
  February 2012: ICY conditions in Riihimäki, Finland...
  January 2012: Rcs for Ever! ...

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  December 2011: Snow and Steam in Sumpter valley, Oregon, U.S.A...
  November 2011: Rigi Bahn Offering Great Vistas from the Mountains... 
  October 2011: Maschen, the Busy Spot of German Railroading... 
  September 2011: Heavy Commuter railroading in Chicago, IL, U.S.A... 

  August 2011: Railroading's Lighter side on the North Sea Islands, Germany... 
  July 2011: Heavy Shays of Cass, West Virginia, U.S.A... 
  June 2011: Heavy Railroading on Malmbanan in Sweden and Norway... 
  May 2011: Railroads and Commuting in Switzerland... 

  April 2011: A Hot Rod tram of Helsinki, Finland... 
  March 2011: Winter and summer in the U.S. East coast... 
  February 2011: Winter Railroading in the European NE... 
  January 2011: Winter Railroading from the U.S... 

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  December 2010: Modern Rail transportation in Dublin, Ireland... 
  November 2010: RzD Sapsan of the RzD at St Petersburg, Russia... 
  October 2010: SNCF TGV's at Line Speeds at Nissan, France... 
  September 2010: SNCF TGV's at Line Speeds at Nissan, France... 

  August 2010: Extra Heavy Freight are Back on Track in U.S.A... 
  July 2010: Allegro Pendolinos Tested in Russia... 
  June 2010: Heavy Railroading in Estonia... 
  May 2010: Stockholm Underground in the City Center... 

  April 2010: Swiss SBB ICN making the maximum tilt on the curve... 
  March 2010: Railroads back at work... 
  February 2010: Waiting for the Spring in Finland... 
  January 2010: Snow in the U.S. East Coast... 

  Pictures of the Month 2007 - 2009...

SBB Cargo Traxx units in the snow, Switzerland
NS manifest led by 7549, U.S.A.
Winter in Sumpter Valley, U.S.A.
SBB RABe 514 number 054, Stadelhofen, Switzerland
Rigi Bahn, Switzerland

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 Pictures of the Month December 2012: Magic in Snowy Norway
Magic of Snow in Northernn Norway

Very much in contrast to the previous month and just as interesting are these snowy pictures of CargoNet Euro4000 heavy haulers with intermodal trains. The mountainous wilderness with snow and sunshine create almost magical (Zauberhaft) background for this railway transportation. The heavy winds have pushed snow to cover the tracks but the formidable Vossloh Euro 4000 locomotive here has no problem plowing it aside on its way.

The above picture was taken from Lønsdal, north Norway and the one below from Bolna nearby.

Both pictures by
David Gubler.

Magic of snow in northern Norway
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 Pictures of the Month November 2012: Railroading in South Sudan
Diesel loco in South Sudan

Here comes the train service from the Southern Sudan! Even in the country with severe lack of resources it is possible to run huge trains like this. Many of the box/multiuse cars following look like decades ago from North America, but the Co'Co' diesel is of type D19E of CSR Ziyang (China Southern) and Gia Lam Works DSVN.

Both pictures by
Johan Ehnberg.

Train in South Sudan
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 Pictures of the Month October 2012: ES64U2 / ES64U4 Taurus Parade
Special liveried Arriva / Alex Taurus locomotive, Munich, Germany

Few locomotives attract as much attention as the Arriva's Alex locomotive 183 001! This was vinyled to celebrate the 175 years of railroading in Germany with a lot of care designing each surface. The metal colors, red, black and rivets on the almost latest locomotive technology really look interesting here!

The streamlined and much admired Eurosprinter Taurus family ES64U2 locomotive has been manufactured by Siemens Mobility until July 2012, when the latest European Union crash norms forced to discontinue the product line and replace these famous multipurpose locos with Siemens Vectrons. The Tauruses can be found on most European countries hauling mainly fast express trains for many decades to be come they are not going anywhere overnight. But these shapes will be missed in newer locos, none of which have so pure rounded lines and stylish design.

Below another Taurus locomotive in the same place, here with an express from Munich, Germany to Praque, Czech republic.

Both pictures by
Richard Oed.

Arriva Praque express, Munich, Germany
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 Pictures of the Month September 2012: 150 Years of Railroading in Finland Festivities
Vintage Hv1 number 555 at Hanko woods, Finland

In August 2012 the large festivities of "Finnish Railroading 150 Years" took place. For two days several quieter stretches of tracks saw lots of old steam and diesel traction. The rolling stock was provided by numerous owners: operators, museums, groups of people and individuals. All was coordinated almost flawlessly (despite the congestion on tracks) and the weather cooperated beautifully.

The has a large Visions "Steam and Smoke" section and in the near future this will also have a special pages devoted to Finnish celebrations.

Picture above of the
extremely rare Hv1 running an express train in the Hanko woods. Picture by Hannu Peltola. Below the heavy Hr1 struggling with metal coaches uphill from Karjaa, Finland. Picture by John McKey.

Vintage Hr1 number 1021 in Hanko woods, Finland
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 Pictures of the Month August 2012: Medium Heavy Steam Narrow Gauge of Uppsala, Sweden
Heavy Staem action at Uppsala, Sweden

The current Uppsala Lenna Järnväg (ULJ) museum railway started as a much grander scheme: It connected Uppsala throught a number of villages to Stockholm's Eastern station. Today, the 891 mm gauge northern section between Uppsala and Faringe some 33 kilometers South along the line. The southern section of the 19th century construction still serves the needs of daily commuters of Stockholm, Sweden and is called "Roslagsbanan".

The Uppsala - Lenna railway number 5 "Thor" (Thor is the main god for the Nordic mythology) is pulling above coaches at Uppsala station for the national day celebration. Below the same unit is being watered along the way for its route back to Uppsala.
The locomotive is by far the largest seen here on the narrow gauge tracks and looks very much like its standard gauge cousins.

Pictures by Gerry Putz.

Heavy Staem action at Uppsala, Sweden
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 Pictures of the Month July 2012: Super Fast Traffic of Paris, France
SNCF TGV-POS loco 4402 at Paris Gare de l'Est, France

Paris France is one of the few corners of earth, which can boast that all the express train traffic is today done at super high speeds, 300 km/h (186 Mph) and faster! The results of the 1980s started high speed program are as impressive as you would expect from the grandeur loving nation. The TGV in fact is the only train type today that can travel problem free from one day to another thousands of kilometers with high speeds. Behind this success is a certain conservativity, instead of hopping to the EMU bandwagon of its main competitors, the Alstom in 1990s saw the reliability as the key to success. Something its competitors have newer achieved yet. Alstom kept its popular virtual EMU TGV product line running while doing research for the true EMU solutions which it just has rolled out. Also the safety of the TGV with two heavy and armored locomotives at both ends has proven to be one of a kind.

Above is the record running TGV-V150 train engine stilll in its original wawy livery after five years of extensive use. This locomotive with a short TGV train attached to it has run the record 574,8 km/h (357 Mph) for the "conventional" trains, meaning for the train on track. Although there were many temporary modifications made, the record was achieved with pretty much with the standard equipment.

Below is one of the double decked newer super fast TGV-DASYE unit for the crowded "Grandes Lignes" railroutes of France. Here the unit is seen at Paris Gare de Lyon. The above picture was taken at Paris Gare de l'Est.

Pictures by John McKey.

SNCF TGV-DASYE unit 735 at Paris Gare de Lyon, France
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 Pictures of the Month June 2012: High Tech Green Cargo Switching in Luleå, Sweden
GC Td number 361 switching at Luleå old harbor, Sweden

Heavy high tech switching? Green Cargo has been modernizing its large fleet of T44 locomotives with Bombardier rebuilding them to as new condition class Td locomotives. Seeing these locomotives working at the rail yards this change really seems true, they are as good as any new locomotive, real power houses and working extremely well, crews enjoying their features.

As part of modernization the locomotives have received new state of the art remote control equipment. One of the crew still has the portable small device with two joysticks for controlling the loco movements. But the crew, often 2 - 4 people, also have a headset to enable them to talk hands free with each other no matter where they are. You might think using headsets are problematic with brake squeal. Not here: unlike the T44 locomotive Td was built from, now you hardly hear any brake noise at all and the Cummins prime mover is a very quiet one too. We witnessed these equipment used on Malmbana with great success and crews finding them easing significantly their jobs.

Only one thing is still missing from the Td locomotives: the semiautomatic center coupler that would still help handling cars during the day. Maybe this is an upgrade for the future. There is always some room for little refinements.

Pictures by Hannu Peltola.

GC Td number 361 switching at Luleå old harbor, Sweden
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 Pictures of the Month May 2012: New Flirt EMUs for NSB, Norway

On 'heavy rail' local and regional traffic side the NSB of Norway is getting the newest breed of Flirt EMUs of Stadler Rail AG. At least 10 are already in the country, although the launch is a little bit delayed because of a mishap during the test drive. This had nothing to do with the trains though.

The new design seen on the right on the above picture (NSB 74503) has strengthened collision structures and is in accordance to the European Union latest crash norms. Basically all trains registered to European union countries from June 2012 have to conform to these norms. The familiar Flirt design on the left (SBB 522 202) will thus disappear from the new units.

Below the much stronger looking new Flirt EMU with its side showing. The straight sides are now changed to bent ones and the EMU has two halves separable in the middle if the need be instead of the earlier used articulation to connect all modules. The Norwegian climate and mountainous landscape offer real challenge to any rolling stock, but we are confident Stadler has again excelled in both design and on production line. Expect to see these interesting new EMUs running around Oslo area in the n
ear future!

Pictures by Peider SwissTrip.

NSB Bm74 number 110 in Sulgen, Switzerland
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 Pictures of the Month April 2012: Translohr Trams of Padova, Italy
Translohr tram APS 08 in Padova, Italy

Translohr rubber wheeled trams are an interesting newer form of transportation for warmer climates. Take a closer look at the rail under the middle of the vehicle. It is a single rail system with two wheels pressing towards the center but slightly tilted upwards. This rail provides the guidance, but no support, so this approach is quite different from most rail systems. The rail also act as an earth contact for the overhead wire, so the electrical feed for Translohr is significantly easier than on trolley buses. The modular structure of the tram works as well for bigger capacity as on its steel wheeled cousins.

Is this a bus then? No, we don't think so because the format is obviously same as used on most modern trams. But where is the dividing line for buses and trams? This is up to you to decide!

Translohr trams are currently used at least in Padova and Venice, Italy, Clermont-Ferrand, France and Tianjin, East China. Other similar Bombardier built systems can be found at least in Caen, France.

Pictures by Ilkka Siissalo.

Translohr tram APS 08 in Padova, Italy
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 Pictures of the Month March 2012: Special Red Vintage EMUs of Switzerland
SBB vintage RAe 4/8 "Churchill" in Winterthur, Switzerland

77 years in operation, the single body light steel rail car RBe 2/4  is still an eye catcher on Swiss rails. Due to a one man operation instead of standard two men, swing seats for looking always in driving direction, a 25% higher speed than any SBB unit, open driver compartment and with a unique body design in red livery, the RBe 2/4  were an innovative step in rail travel technology in 1935. They went into service as so called “tram train” feeder services for national trains. Three units out of a total of seven are still around: One SBB RBe 2/4 is displayed at the National transport museum at Lucerne, a RBe 2/4 is owned by private operator OeBB Oensingen-Balsthal-Bahn and a 2.6 m extended and modified RAe 2/4 with first class seating is operated by SBB Historic fleet out of Olten.

The double body RAe 4/8 (above) was built in three units and got the nickname “Churchill Arrow” after Sir Winston Churchill was travelled 1946 at his state visit through Switzerland in this “high comfort - high speed” train. As a railfan you can enjoy monthly a three hours brunch special trip with the RAe 4/8 out of Zurich mains tat ion on Sundays with free track view over the driver shoulder. Enjoy Swiss history with a delicious breakfast !

Pictures and text by Peider SwissTrip.

  Swiss Railroads Main page...
  Swiss Railroad Gallery...

  Swiss Electric Multiple Units...

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DB class 186 095 with OeBB RBe 2/4 Erstfeld, Switzerland
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 Picture of the Month February 2012: ICY Conditions in Riihimäki, Finland
Icy Sr1 Wolf veterans in Riihimäki, Finland

It's not all about the snow, it's about ICE! After you drive a few days in flying snow and below freezing temperatures the ice buildup is the real challenge to the equipment. The heat of the train melts snow to water pouring downwards and refreezing in a blizzard. Sooner or later the bogies, couplers, brakes and all other parts get clogged with tons of ice.

On the picture above the Sr1 Wolf veterans seem to be handling well the hardships of the winter. This double units is parked by Riihimäki station waiting for next assignment on a heavy freight train next weekday. Below an Sm4 Rabbit is suffering from a heavy ice buildup on front and bogies. Take a closer look at the tens of kilograms weighing chunk of ice around the bogie! it will make a boom inside if it falls when the train is travelling 160 km/h (100 Mph), actually travelling on this type of EMU in winter can be quite noisy anyway with almost non stop ice bombardment against the low floor section front wall of the train.

Pictures by John McKey.

  Electric Locomotives in Finland...
  Sr1 "Wolf" electric Locomotives...
  Sr2 "Guinea Pig" electric Locomotives...

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  Huge Finnish RR Gallery...

  Diesel Locomotives in Finland...
  Electric Multiple Units in Finland...
  Diesel Multiple Units in Finland...

  EMU Sm4 Theme Page...

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Icy Sm4 unit 6327/6427 in Riihimäki, Finland
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 Picture of the Month January 2012: Rcs for Ever..., Sweden, Norway, Denmark
SJ Rc6 with sleeper coaching at Oslo, Norway

Rc locomotives are almost synonymous to railroading in the Nordic countries (excluding Finland). Several classes are in the duties from Intercity trains to heavy freights in multiple run, from the northernmost tips of railroads to the Southern edges of the Nordic. Here two of the handsome black units are in their duties with the passenger trains.

The above Rc6 is at the point of the overnight passenger train from Stockholm, Sweden to Oslo, Norway and has just brought its coaches across the snowy lines. The rough weather can not stop these beasts on their everyday duties. Picture by Ilkka Siissalo.

Below a rare black Rc3 unit in daily regional passenger duties at Odensburg. The interesting panning shot really brings the focus to the locomotive! Picture by Nick Slocombe.

  Rc/Rd locomotives page...
  Swedish electric locomotives...
  Malmbana northern locomotives...

  Sweden RR main page...
  Norway RR main page...
  Denmark RR main page...

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SJ Rc3 number 1050 at Odensburg, Sweden, a panning picture
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 Picture of the Month December 2011: Steam and Snow in Sumpter Valley, Oregon, U.S.A.
Steam and Snow at Sumpter Valley, oregon, U.S.A.

Sumpter Valley in Oregon, U.S.A. is one of the important places where steam railroading era has been carefully preserved. The museum railroad sometimes operates also in the snowy conditions like in these pre Christmas pictures.

Ken Storey decided to make a tour to Sumpter Valley just when the fresh powdery snow had fallen and capture these and many similar immortal pictures.

Pictures by Ken Storey.

  Sumpter Valley, steam and snow...

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Adding water at Sumpter Valley, oregon, U.S.A.
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 Picture of the Month November 2011: Rigi Bahn, Mountain Railroading on Swiss Alps
Rigi Bahn, Switzerland

Rigi offers some of the best vistas in the whole Switzerland. The steep mountain slopes are climbed with two separate railroads coming together at the top in Rigi-Staffel with an incredible view to several directions.

Above the general view from the top and below and interesting curving railway for mountain climbing. now has over a hundred interesting Rigi pictures by several photographers!

Both pictures here by Andreas Ehnberg.

  Swiss Rigi Bahn Page...

  Swiss Railroads Main page...
  Swiss Railroad Gallery...

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Rigi Bahn, Switzerland
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 Picture of the Month October 2011: Maschen, the Busy Spot of German Railroading
The Maschen depot, Germany

Maschen in the Northern Germany is an incredible busy spot for railroading. The transportation volumes have again risen steeply after the depression of the year 2009. When transportation volumes rise in Germany, the railroads still have to cope with less than a kilometer long trains, where the U.S. and Russian railroads would span the train up to 5 kilometers and add motive power to front and possible to the other end as well. As a result, Germany has a lot of little trains going to their destinations with minimal intervals on the main lines. While the trains handling is easier, this leaves much to hope from the effectiveness viewpoint. Just imagine a large ocean going vessel being unloaded: In U.S. the containers can be downloaded to maybe 10 trains, where as in Germany you will need closer to 100 trains to carry as many containers!

Both pictures by Ilkka Siissalo.

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  German Electric Locomotives
  German Diesel Locomotives
  Germany RR Main Page

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The Maschen depot, Germany
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 Picture of the Month September 2011: Heavy Passenger Railroading in Chicago, IL
Metra MP36PHI-3C number 419, downtown Chicago, U.S.A.

In the U.S. passenger EMUs are very rare and the passenger trains, whether local or long distance are as a rule pulled by huge diesel (how else ;) or sometimes electric locomotives. The other end of the train is formed of the driving trailer in all the local trains and many long distance ones so there is no need for a time consuming run around of the locomotive at the end of the routes.

Chicago as a city of almost 3 million inhabitants is one of the busy cities in U.S. using these "virtual multiple units". Hannu caught recently this interesting picture of the Metra MPI 36PHi number 419 starting a local at the down town Chicago. Below another view to a similar train, only this time pulled by a rebuilt Metra F40PH-2 loco.

Both pictures by Hannu Peltola.

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  North America RR Visions Page...
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Matra F40PH2 number 178 plus coaching in Chicago , U.S.A.
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 Picture of the Month August 2011: Railroading lighter Side on the North Sea Islands, Germany
Rails on the North Sea, Germany
Sometimes you bump into a refreshing variety of the railroad equipment. This happened to Ilkka, when he made a trip to Sylt and other North Sea islands on the German northern coast.

The unforgiving nature of the sea eats away the islands on one side and fills them in elsewhere which has meant that the islanders need to be quick in moving the ground to their purposes. To many of the islands it is hard to get around by boat, impossible by foot and roads are nonexistent leaving the light railroads as the only possibility in these cases. As every household can build their own license inspected vehicles there is a great variety of these: Above a basic motorized model and in the picture below a model that protects you from the occasionally rough weather, when the tracks are accessible at all.

Picture above: Dagebüll, Germany, a 900mm gauge width 9 km long so called Halligbahn from mainland to the islands of Oland and Langeness.
Picture below: Lüttmoorsiel, Germany, a 600 mm gauge width 3,5 km Halligbahn to the island of Nordstrandishmoor. Families have each their own "train".

Pictures by Ilkka Siissalo.

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  Germany RR Gallery Page...
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Rails on the North Sea, Germany
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 Picture of the Month July 2011: Heavy Shays of Cass, West Virginia
Shay at Cass West Virginia, U.S.A.
Cass West Virginia is a base for many rare surviving shays. Gerry Putz made a trip to see these magnificent old steam locomotives and from that trip we have a privilege to see the pictures here and on the U.S. Visions page. In the pictures number 6 of Western Maryland.

The shay is a steam locomotive constructed to maximize traction needed to haul extremely heavy loads like lumber from the woods. The whole mass of the locomotive is resting on the tractive wheels. For this purpose both sides of the loco house a massive cardan axles making the engine look unusually interesting.

Pictures by Gerry Putz.

  North America RR Visions Page...

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Shay at Cass West Virginia, U.S.A.
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 Picture of the Month June 2011: Heavy Railroading on Malmbanan, Sweden & Norway
SBB RABe 514 number 054, Stadelhofen, Switzerland
Malmbanan (English: the ore railway) in the Northern Sweden and Norway is probably the heaviest mountain railroad in Europe. It's 30 metric ton axle weight allows for use of powerful locomotives pulling long trains of ore cars over the mountains or down to the seafront in Luleå, Sweden. Kiruna in Sweden has actually developed the largest underground mine in the world! The mine traffic is so huge that there is a lack of locomotives despite the 30 IORE units (picture above) and the remaining few Dm3 units (picture below).

Above the a pair of IOREs has stopped for a train meeting on the single track Malmbanan at the Torneträsk station in the background. The train is returning from Narvik, Norway. Below the Dm3 "Dennewitz" is sitting outside in the unloading area of Narvik. Dm3s are still used and the personnel we met say they love these old locos, so we hope these will be around for a long while more despite the additional orders for IOREs. In the background you can see beautiful Norwegian mountains and another large ocean going ore vessel waiting it's turn for the ore loading docks.

Pictures by John McKey.  

  Malmbanan Main page...
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  Sweden Main page...

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Dm3 "Dennewitz" at the ore unloading area in Narvik. Norway
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 Picture of the Month May 2011: Railroads and Commuting, Switzerland
SBB RABe 514 number 054, Stadelhofen, Switzerland
Switzerland at the heart of Europe is an incredibly lively railroading nation. Several routes mainly on North-South axis cross the country creating an immense market for both freight and passenger markets.

Also the local and regional segments are large, above the Swiss class 514 double decked EMU is stopping to board passengers on one of the heavily used routes at Stadelhofen. Below the early spring light plays on the older regional Interregio train stopping at Horgen, Switzerland.

Pictures by Andreas Ehnberg. Please see the links on the right for more pictures by Andreas.  

  Switzerland RR Main Page...
  Switzerland RR Gallery Page...
  Switzerland Electric Locomotives...
  Switzerland Diesel Locomotives...

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Interregio in Horgen, Switzerland
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 Picture of the Month April 2011: Unusual Trams in Helsinki, Finland
Hor Rod tram in Helsinki Finland
Stanislav managed to capture to digital film some of the most usual trams we have seen! Above the Hot rod tram in the heart of the city Helsinki is advertising retail food chain with it's bright livery. Below another tram has been converted to culture tram, where different shows and happenings take place during the normal commuting.

City of Helsinki has about 15 of these unusual advertisement trams alongside it's fleet of more common high and low floored trams. The add trams were acquired as used from Germany and some have been running now for 5 years. Every year some appear to add to the much needed capacity.

Pictures by Stanislav Voronin. 
  More unusual trams at the Unusual rr pictures gallery...


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Hor Rod tram in Helsinki Finland
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 Picture of the Month March 2011: Winter Giving Way to Summer in the U.S. West Coast
The tough winter is giving way to the new spring creeping slowly northward. While the northern latitudes are still covered with ice and snow the weather in the south can be like in the summer.

This months picture pair was taken by Gerry Putz. Above the CSX manifest is rolling through the tough winter weather and below a similar place with an s-curve with an empty coal train bathing in the summers warmth and sunlight.

Pictures by Gerard J. Putz. 


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 Picture of the Month February 2011: Winter Railroading in the European Northeast
Alexander Nevsky ready to leave from Helsinki lead by Sr1 wolves numbers 3057 and 3092
These pictures were chosen to honor the work of Stanislav Voronin taking professional quality train pictures in the bitterly cold weather in the European Northeast. Out of the hundreds of pictures we chose the above Russian train Alexander Nevsky picture visiting Helsinki Finland around new year. Here the train is ready to depart with the double wolves at the front.

Below is a celebration car on one of the the new years extra trains. There were a total of 36 extra trains between Russian and Finland to bring Russian tourist to see Finland.

Pictures by Stanislav Voronin.


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RzD Tolstoy icy special celebration car, Helsinki Main, Finland
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 Picture of the Month January 2011: Winter Railroading in the U.S.
BNSF C40/44 units pull a freight train in the snowy scene in Larsk Spur, CO
Winter can enable beautiful landscape photography with trains. We had a rare opportunity to publish some of the excellent pictures Nick Slocombe took on his travel to Colorado in the U.S. Professional camera work, heavy railroading and "western" sunlight created numerous interesting pictures.

Above the BNSF C40-9W number 728 and C44-9W number 5489 head the grain train through the mountains at Lark Spur, Colorado. Below the long manifest of Union Pacific railroad has encountered heavy snowfall on it's route.

Pictures by Nick Slocombe.
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Union Pacific manifest works its way through heavy snow fall in Colorado, U.S.A.
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 Picture of the Month December 2010: Trains of Dublin, Ireland
Irish IC train under the train sehd in Dublin, Ireland
Irish capital Dublin has modern public transportation, above the IC and below the tram train of the city. Tram train is operated by Veolia.

Pictures by Ilkka Siissalo.
A tramtrain number 3016 in Dublin, Ireland
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 Picture of the Month November 2010: Sapsan / Velaro-RUS of the RzD stopping at St Petersburg, Russia
VR-Yhtyma Sr2 number 3239 in Ilmala, Helsinki, Finland
At this point the Velaro-Rus "Sapsan" unit of the RzD are unusual sightings. 8 units connect St Petersburg to Moscow in Russia. Here the "Eagle number 7" is ready to start towards Moscow from Moscowskaya station in St Petersburg.

Picture by Reto Blasi.
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 Picture of the Month October 2010: TGV's Running at Line Speed, Nissan, France
TGV-Reseau unit 4523 dashes out of the tunnel at Nissan, France
The double pictures series for the October Pictures of the Month feature fascinating pictures taken by Focalplane in the Southern France near Nissan. Above the multi electric version of the TGV-Réseau dashes from the Nissan tunnel and is just starting to ease for the curve by the photographer.

Below another unusual picture in Nissan, France of the rare TGV-Hybrid / TGV-RéseauDuplex speeding through the green Mediterranean scenery. Why not take a look at
the interesting history of the 19 unit fleet of the TGV-RéseauDuplexes and other TGV stories!

Both pictures by Focalplane.
A rare TGV-Hybrid unit 619 at Nissan oppidum, France

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 Picture of the Month September 2010: ICEs / Velaros Conquering International Markets
DB ICE3 unit 4607 stopping at Liege, Belgium
The next in the double pictures series is a pair of the ICE3 / Velaro-D trains, above unit in Liege Belgium and below a drawing at the Frankfort Main station in Germany. Surprisingly the two pictures resemble each other even though there was no connection in taking them! Actually the drawing was made earlier, although you would think the picture being the starting point for the drawing.

The above picture is of Deutsche Bahn class 406 ICE3 and below the newest of the breed class 407 Velaro-D, which was introduced at Innotrans huge railroad fair late September in Berlin, Germany.

Picture above by Ilkka Siissalo, below by Siemens AG.
A drawing of the Velaro-D DB class 407 in use arriving at station
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 Picture of the Month August 2010: The Year of Recovery for Heavy Freight Trains
BNSF stack train lead by a ES44C4 number 6619 C44-9W number 5141 and BNSF ES44 number 7813, Southwest U.S.A.
We decided to continue with our "double pictures of the month" scheme as we got these great pictures from Gerry Putz. Above the BNSF looong double stack freight wounds the S curve in the southwestern U.S. These trains are beginning to be more and more commonplace, just as they were before the recession. Some of the worlds countries have even reported best ever results for transportation in the beginning of the year 2010!

On the tip of the train is a brand new BNSF unit 6619, which is a part of their experimental ES44C4 fleet. The six axled C4s can raise the middle axles of each bogie without sacrificing valuable traction. Where added distributed weight is needed, the "dummy" axle will be lowered again. Sort of returning to the early days of diesels and 4 axled diesel designs.

Pictures by Gerard J. Putz 2010.
BNSF stack train lead by a ES44C4 number 6619 C44-9W number 5141 and BNSF ES44 number 7813 climbing a slope uphill, Southwest U.S.A.
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 Picture of the Month July 2010: Allegro Pendolinos tested in Russia
Karelian Trains Pendolino Sm6 number 02 is being taken for test in Russia, here seen passing kerava station, Finland
The Karelian Trains Allegro units are bringing the winds of change to the traffic between Russia and Finland. With 50%/50% joint venture of the dominating railroad companies in the area, mighty RzD in Russia and VR-Yhtyma in Finland the success of these four new high speed Pendolino train sets is imminent. They will replace the now existing trains "Sibelius" and "Repin" between St Petersburg Russia and Helsinki Finland at the end of the year 2010.

Click one of the links on the right to learn a lot more on the subjects! Why 2 pictures of the month? Well, we simply could not choose between the master shots of Stanislav. The above is taken 5 o'clock in the morning in the first light train passing Kerava station and the one below the previous day running at Kerava junction.

Pictures by Stanislav Voronin 2010.
Karelian Trains Pendolino Sm6 number 02 is being taken for test in Russia, here seen In Kytömaa near Kerava, Finland
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 Picture of the Month June 2010: Heavy Railroading in Estonia
Transoil 2Te166 number 1684 and another unit Narva, Estonia
Estonia is one of the rare places in Europe, where heavy freight railroading is common. The Russian built powerful 2Te116 locomotives haul oil, coal and other raw materials to Estonian ports and lumber and pulpwood to Estonian growing wood processing industry.

Here the double (or quadruple) unit is starting a kilometers long empty can train from Estonian city Narva across the river to Ivangorod in Russia. Transoil is the second largest Russian private operators with literally hundred of the 2Te116 units in its service. Recently the western alphabet on the locos has been changed to Cyrillic and all the locos repainted with slightly different tone of red to create a systematic corporate look.

Picture by Hannu Peltola 2010.
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 Picture of the Month May 2010: Stockholm Underground in the City Center
The C20 of the Stockholm Underground passing a bridge in the middle of the city
The C20 3 unit consist of the Stockholm Underground is gliding away from the darkness and crosses the bridge southbound in the middle of the city. Stockholm is just one of the cities, where the only way to transport great number of people and doing it fast has made metro number one vehicle. More than 300 million people daily travel by metro.
The C20 units replaced the older rolling stock after year 2000. The C20 are built by Adtranz, now part of the Bombardier.
Picture by Antti Eväsoja 2010.
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 Picture of the Month April 2010: SBB ICN tilting at Curve in Wassen, Switzerland
The Rabde500 ICN tilting at the curve in Wassen, Switzerland
The seven module ICN train of the SBB is doing the maximum tilt at the curve in Wassen, Switzerland. The "Intercity Neigezug" is a common sight in Switzerland's regional traffic with its 43 unit fleet. The trains were built by a consortium of Bombardier, Alstom and the SBB itself. The interesting design is by Pininfarina of Italy.
Here the unit on its route from Basel to Lugano taking a tight curve at Wassen on the Gotthard Route in Switzerland.
Picture by Nick Slocombe 2009.
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 Picture of the Month March 2010: Railroads back at work after the recession
Green Cargo T44 number 321 switching at Tomteboda, Stockholm, Sweden
The economy is improving and the hardest winter for years is retreating, so its time to get back to work with higher volumes for many operators around the world!
A T44 (EMD 645 powered) Swedish road switcher crew is exchanging ideas with another similar switchers crew through the air instead of talking on the radio phone. Notice the engineer on the left carrying the remote control equipment. Many T44's are used remotely while switching, often enabling a single worker to handle the whole work.  
Picture by Hannu Peltola 2009.
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 Picture of the Month February 2010: Finnish Tk3 Waiting for the Spring
Tk3 waiting for the spring in Finland
In this impressive and dramatic photograph by Christian Westerlund the Finnish vintage Tk3 type steam locomotive is clearly waiting for the spring. Sitting in the snow and covered thoroughly with the frost the unit 1163 is seen against the sun in the horizon, barely capable of warming the air. With the coming months the angle will change and with time the sun will be able to melt the frost on the loco. Given a few more weather cycles this preserved but not in driving condition steam locomotive can hopefully be restored to original working order. Interestingly, the locomotive is sitting just 100 meters from the busiest Finnish station Pasila, Helsinki, so if you visit Helsinki, give it a few minutes! 
Picture by Christian Westerlund 2009.
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 Picture of the Month January 2010: Snow in the U.S. East Coast
Csx sd40-2 number 8463 & mixed freight
CSX mixed freight at Point of Rocks Maryland, U.S.A. 
The CSX mixed freights is lead by a trio of heavy locomotives, ES40DC units 5317 and 5317 plus an SD40-2 number 8463, past the beautiful Neo-Gothic station. 
This picture is quite unusual with its forward angle to train showing surroundings, and the handling of the light for the camera is great. You can almost see the movements of the train slowly rolling forward through the snowy scenery bathing in light.
Picture by Gerard J. Putz 2009.
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