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Pictures of the Month 2016 - 2018

Welcome to Pictures of the Month 2016 - 2018 Page! There are also a pages for the, 2013 - 2015, 2010 - 2012 and 2007 - 2009.

List of the latest pictures of the month

  February 2016: Called Trams in Zürich, Switzerland...
  January 2016: Newest Breed of Locomotives in U.S...

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BNSF ET44C4 locomotives 3892 and 3894 lead an intermodal down the Cajon Pass tracks in California, U.S.A.

MTAB IORE #120 with empties in Torneträsk

VBZ Cobra number 3003 on Zürich line 3, Switzerland

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 Called Trams in Zürich, Swtzerland...

VBZ Cobra number 3032 on Zürich line 3, Switzerland

Also on Switzerland
SBB Crocodile ce6-8 II from Erstfeld Switzerland
Swiss RR Gallery Pages have over thousand pictures from the heart of the mountains.

ICN / Rabde500 at Wassen on Gotthard Route
Start your browsing on Switzerland on the Swiss Main Page

SBB Cargo Re 10/10 in Muttenz Switzerland
For the Swiss rolling stock see pages for Electric Locos, Diesel Locos, Electric Multiple Units and Diesel Multiple Units.

SBB Re450 number 091 with coaching at Wädenwil in Zürich, Switzerland
Swiss EMUs Page covers tens of interesting types in use or retired.

Modern times call for innovations. For city traffic for one thing this has lead to never ending battle between trams and buses. Just when the other thinks it has taken the lead, the other emerges again. One form of this battle can be found in Zürich, Switzerland where the local transportation authority VBZ runs both "Cobra" trams (above) and 3 section extreme long trolley buses (below) on partly the same route. When bus capacity ends, trams normally take over the crowded routes. Here, it looks like Hess built triple bus is trying to take a revenge on least as it is not slippery.

Pictures by Ilkka Siissalo.

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  Swiss Gallery Page


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VBZ Hess manufactured "Light tram 3" on line 31, Zürich, Switzerland




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 Pictures of the Month January 2016: Newest Breed of Locomotives in U.S.A.

BNSF ET44C4 locomotives 3892 and 3894 lead an intermodal down the Cajon Pass tracks in California, U.S.A.

Also on North America
BNSF C44-9W number 4919 with trailers, Walapai, Arizona, U.S.A.
On BNSF Locomotives Page you can find most types and technical details of the 7000+ units fleet of BNSF.

NS ES40DC number 7579 with manifest, Eastern U.S.A.
Norfolk Southern Gallery brings you pictures of the iron horses for this huge class 1 railroad.

BNSF ES44Dc locos speeding across the desert, Southwest U.S.A.
BNSF galleryhas hundreds of pictures of BNSF rolling stock all around the U.S.

CSX AC4400CW number 5122 leading autracks, Maryland, U.S.A
CSX gallery houses a multitude of locomotive types from the U.S. East. Or maybe you could take a look at the CSX locomotive page.

UP SD70M is leading an intermodal train near Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A
The largest RR in U.S. also has the largest locomotives fleet of 8100+ units.

Amtrak Acela number 2010 at Princeton junction, New Jersey, U.S.A.
Amtrak Gallery and Amtrak info page have almost all locomotive types and EMus of the company.


North American railroads have entered an era of once more renewed species of locomotives. This time the main driving factors have been cleaner TIER 4 engine exchaust technology and, finally, move away from the obsolidated DC track motors to AC. AC motors are more powerful, energy efficient and require significantly less maintenance. Other large scale builder Caterpillar-EMD left aside (no TIER 4 motors available) first time for decades, GE Transporation is now taking most of the scene. Third change is wider adaptation to 4 powered axle AC technology on 6 axle vehicle. Again, this will make locomotives more efficient.

Above brand new BNSF ET44C4 #3892 and #3894 locomotives power an intermodal train at Cajon Pass, California. These locomotives have all three above mentioned technologies in use. Below one of the GE Transporation demonstrators, an ET44AC #2037 (six powered AC axles) seen in the BNSF consist running the opposite way.

Pictures by Colin Hakeman.

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GE Transportation ET44AC in Cajon Pass, California

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