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Pictures of the Month Main - 2007 - 2015

A new picture of the month main page will be opened here. This page has and easy access to all of the material for the pictures of the month from 2007 to 2013.

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  Pictures of the Month 2007 - 2009

December 2009, Snow Falling in Switzerland      
SBB Re482 units at Muttenz, Switzerland      
  SBB 482 TRAXXes bathing in the snow at Muttenz, Switzerland...      
June 2009, Go Rail Express Departing Tallinn, Estonia May 2009, BLS Intermodal at Weil am Rhein, Germany April 2009, BNSF Freight over Cajon Pass, California, U.S.A. March 2009,
Go Rail Tep 70 number 0320 waiting for departure with a St Petersburg sleeper train in Tallinn, Estonia BLS class 485 TRAXX locomotive number 005 is hauling an intermodal in Weil am Rhein, Germany BNSF freight at Cajon Pass summit in California, U.S.A.  
  Go Rail runs several interesting passengers trains connection Tallinn, Estonia and St Petersburg, Russia...   BLS international intermodal with TRAXX crossing the border at Weil am Rhein, Germany...   Cajon Pass summit shows its best on a snowy February morning...

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March 2008, Premium Service for Premium Trains
      Hikari Rail Star, Japan
        Boarding the Hikari Rail Star, how everything looks like at the airports!
February 2008, Chancing times at Paris Gare d'Least, France January 2008, Beautiful Christmas Weather at Sumpter Valley   November 2007, BNSF Heavy Freight Starts the Journey Through Mountains
ICE3 and TGV, Paris Gare de L'est Sumpter Valley steam   BNSF Railway Dash9's
  Chancing times of Super fast trains at Paris Gare d'Lest international station, the DB ICE3 unit right next to SNCF TGV...   The morning after snow storm a Sumpter Valley steam locomotive pulls two cars across the wilderness...     BNSF Dash 9s add momentum to start a huge string of hopper cars for a mountain crossing from Seattle, Wa
October: VR-yhtymä Pendo Sm3 running on main line in Savio, Finland September: Deutsche Bahn ICEs at Berlin Hauptbahnhof, Germany August 2007: Dependable Urban Traffic in Grenoble France July 2007, Eesti Raudtee C36-7i and C30-7i Pulling a Heavy Tank Train
Pendo tilting at curve in Kerava, Finland Berlin HBF Grenoble Trams, France Heavy oil transport by EVR in Estonia
  VR-Yhtymä Pendolino class Sm3 is tilting in curve in Savio, Finland...   Intercity Express 2 unit's passengers disembark at Berlin Hauptbahnhof, Germany...   Dependable urban transit at Grenoble University city of France...   Long, long Eesti Raudtee freight trains roll through the plains of Estonia pulled by huge American locomotives...


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