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This is the home of the new much wished Hobby-section on These pages will cover subjects on the lighter side of the railroading.  

There are numerous ways how people enjoy railroading as a hobby. Many build and operate their own railroad (either in 1:1 or in smaller scale), explore the lost world (history) devices and happenings, collect railroading items, travel around to see the modern and older railroads, often with a camera, or just gather around with friends to share the knowledge, experiences and good time. One of the targets of this webchannel is to gather information for everyone to share. In many times the information gathered during the human lifetime is lost and thrown away after death, so will offer one channel to preserve the information.

 Railroading 1:1
Few of us are fortunate enough to own a railroad. However, some of us have even managed to do this. The railroad are either real smaller scale operating businesses (with one exception) or museum railroad. The Sumpter Valley Railroad is one of the places, that offers unmatched authenticity with exceptional surroundings. 

 Model Railroading <1:1
Since it's expensive to buy, maintain and operate the real thing, numerous hobbyists have their virtual world in a much smaller scale (usually 1:87 = H0). Yes, you read right, it's all about virtual worlds in this hobby! If you build a boat, racecar or plane, it's about that alone, but if you are a model railroader, you'll have to recreate the whole world. This kind of system building is both demanding and time consuming. Fortunately we today have a multibillion dollar industry providing more or less finished elements for the hobbyists.    

One interesting model railway is the Alpine Railway, click a link and take a look!
  Alpine Railway   
Alpine Railway Show calendar    Alpine Railway & DCC   

Given time, we take a look at other model railroads as well, starting with the 1940's transition era Great Nothern layout. 
  1940's Great Northern Railroad layout 

During the summer time many of us travel around to explore the recent developments of the nearby railroads or take a look at something new. Many have their favorite subjects, maybe the Swiss mountain railroading with beautiful scenery around, emerging markets and tough competition is Estonia, huge unit trains of the U.S., consolidating of the railroading business world wide, locomotive classes of the Deutsche Bahn, Super High Speed Trains, etc. 

You might wish to take a look at some of the finest pictures in our Picture of the month section, or see pictures scatttered aroudn numerous pages on
  Pictures of the Month
  Super High Speed Main page      

 Watching Videos / Movies 
See the c
lassics the "Train Video #1 on You Tube" and "Riding on the ICE3":

The train video #1 is professional quality, although the You Tube video quality leaves room for improvement on full screen mode. Enjoy!
  Train Video #1

Riding on the ICE3 / When you have nothing to loose
  When you have nothing to loose

 Railroading literature
About the thousands of books and tens of magazines available, more to be added later. 

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The Sumpter Valley Railroad is one of the places, that offers unmatched authenticity with exceptional surroundings. Here the Christmass Express is puffing smoke working it's way through the white snows of wilderness. Snow, blue skies, clean mountain air and an ancient 150 year old steam locomotive...    Picture: Ken Storey, December 2007.  

Alpine Railway is the largest modular show layout in Finland. Thousands of people visited the layout during one day and the shopping center was swarming with shoppers. Here is a view of hundred happy faced visitors and 1/3 of the giant modular portable layout visible. This show was arranged with the local Lions clubs, Alpine Railway hobbyists and Living Tapiola together.  Picture by John McKey 2008.  

 Read more on Alpine Railway!


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