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SNCF TGV-PSE near Nissan in southern France

Welcome to Manufacturer Alstom Reference Page!

Alstom has an impressive product portfolio on the super high speed and high speed segments. No other manufacturer except for the Chinese can boast on as many manufactured high speed travel EMUs. Also it was Alstom that started in the early 1980s the super high speed revolution for Europe.

Created for by John McKey and Ilkka Siissalo. Pictures by Focalplane, Hannu Peltola and John McKey.

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SNCF TGV-Reseau unit 4529 in curve near Nissan oppidum, French southern landscape
Thalys PBKA nymber 4331 in Köln, germany

Alstom Super High Speed Products
Alstom has manufactured almost 20 types of TGV for its customers in the last 20 years. The units manufactured range well over 500! This still forms the largest single type fleet of any super high speed train in the whole world.

The main type still manufactured is the TGV or Train a Grande Vitesse, for English "the High Speed Train". Every TGV unit has 8 coaches (with a few exceptions) between two streamlined power units, which has proven a winning concept for ease of maintenance. Also the locomotives serve well as a ram when a need arises. TGVs have the best safety record any train can have: no fatal accident despite the 100s of millions people transported!

Another type for Alstom is the AGV or Automotrice de Grande Vitesse, in English again "the High Speed Electric Multiple Unit". This type has just been taken into use for NTV in Italy and you can expect to see the first units to appear on the international tracks too in the coming decade.

We will add lots of information concerning the famous French manufacturer Alstom in the near future.




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  Alstom Super High Speed Trains
SNCF TGV-Reséau unit 4523 closeup at Nissan, French southern landscape

Alstom is the manufacturer behind the world famous super high speed TGV trains. The TGV revolutionized the rail travel of Europe in the early 1980s and since then over 600 TGV units have been manufactured, a clear sign of the immense success story. These trains of basically the same construction principles are divided into around subtypes.

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SNCF TGV-Reséau unit 4523 closeup at Nissan, French southern landscape. Picture by Focalplane.

A rare SNCF TGV-Hybrid unit 619 dashes by the Nissan oppidum (medieval village center). Picture by Focalplane.

The TGV-Duplex unit 266 seen here at Paris gare de Lyon is the first generation double decked high speed and high passenger capacity work horse for the SNCF. Picture by Focalplane.

SNCF TGV-ReséauDuplex unit 619 near Nissan oppidum, French southern landscape

SNCF TGV-Duplex unit 266 at Gare de Lyon, Paris


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  Alstom Electric Locomotives







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