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Welcome to Ken Storeys picture page! Several of the most breathtaking views of the steam railroading and the nature around it were taken by Storey in U.S.A. and Canada. There are also pictures taken from the Canadian wilderness and modern day railroading. The composition of each picture has been carefully chosen and use of camera is always professional. 

If you would like to have any of the pictures for use in for example printed media, please send us a notice by form, and we will forward your message to the author.

Below some of the pictures found on this site! 

 Sumpter Valley, Oregon, U.S.A.   




 Castle Mountain, Alberta, Canada   

 Cisco, Alberta, Canada      


There will be more pictures and text to be added later!


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Created for by Ken Storey and John McKey. Pictures by Ken Storey.

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Brand new TGV-POS's pose in Paris Gare du Nord for the camera. Almost brand new...the locomotives are new, while the coaches are from the TGV-Resťau sets. Single story trains of 320 km/h serve well the limited numbers of passengers between France and Germany. once the volumes pick up, it's guaranteed that the double decked coaches will be swapped to these units. Picture by Sanna Siissalo 2008.      

A Thalys PBKA number 4243 boarding in Paris-GNO. As 40% more passengers are expected to travel the Thalyses within next 3 years, seventh daily return trip between Paris and Amsterdam will be added beginning March 2008. Picture by Sanna Siissalo 2008. 
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