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Alpine Railway


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 Alpine Railway
Alpine Railway is probably the largest modular model railway in Finland. It models mainly the Swiss railways and environment, but also surroundings from other alpine countries Austria, Germany, France and Italy. However, no mountain railroading is strange
for the Alpine Railway Hobbyistis. Alpine Hobbyists are active on Norvegian and U.S. modelling as well.  

The Alpine Railway hobbyists have no formal club structure. This is a loosely gathered group of good friends who use the Internet for communication. We have our informal meetings several times a year around the layout, where we plan new modifications and future projects. Between the hobby shows we build and upgrade modules mainly at group members home. Modules of the layout are owned by several people and form together a great working miniature world!

As a modular system Alpine Railway is never finished. Currently we have several projects under way including "New Olten" and "The Blauspitz" (to add more even mountain scenery).  More on these projects here in the future.  

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The Re
6/6 is dashing forward on the tracks as another train passes the station in the background.

Above and below some of the Swiss railroad stock seen on the Alpine Railway.

The Biethstal bridge is one of the oldest and one of the most distictive parts on the Alpine Railway.

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The Alpine Railway is not just a railway on the modules, but villages with roads connecting them, mountains and gorges. Here an automatically guided bus stops in front of the level crossing to let the train pass first.  

Blue mountain on the Alpine Railway was one of the reformed projects later becoming Blauspitz project. The aim was to improve the currently relative layout flat landscape to look more mountainlike. 
 Latest Show

Tuusula Expo September 12th to 13th in Tuusula Finalnd
More infromation to follow shortly
The layout
is now larger than year before, the rail length was counted to be over 300 meters! Alpine Railway also had a working funicular as a new feature for this year.
 Alpine Railway at Shows  

Alpine Railway has taken year after year part in several on the most important model railroad and hobby shows in Finland. Picture by Lorenz Schmuckli.
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 Alpine Railway Guidelines
Any group needs to have guidelines to be able to work effectively together. Certain measurements and the DCC system plus the train controllers are all common during the hobby shows. The modules are not strictly identical, which enables richer variety when putting the layout together, without sacrificing too much of the flexibility of modularity in general. If you take 10 hobby shows, there are probably at least 5 different Alpine Railway combinations to be seen! However, for the future, interconnectivity with for example fremo modules might be a blessing.
 DCC for Alpine train control    
Originally the Alpine Railway was a quite an ordinary traditional DC layout where the controllers directed the track instead of the rolling stock. The DCC age started as late as the year 2004, because a huge layout needs a lot of considerations before making extra investment on all components and hundreds of pieces of rolling stock. On the other hand using DCC on Alpine Railway allows for a lot of improvements, below a few of them:
  • less wiring under the modules, 
  • decentralized train control,  
  • multiple control "mice" for flexible train control
  • centralized computer driven graphical layout control for routing the traffic through switches   
Some functions to be added in the coming years:
  • control of all the switches with DCC (dramatically minimizes the mileage of the wiring)  
  • totally automatic train movements (no need to run the trains any more!) with computer control 
  • walk around controls for trains. (You can walk and talk with the people watching the layout while your trains keeps running nearby).
  • a DCC system with consistingt capability instead of the locomotive / wagon based control.  
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 Some of the newest pictures for Alpine Railway

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