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Class ME number 1517 at Copenhagen main station

Railroads in Denmark

Created for by Iilkka Siissalo and John McKey. Pictures by Ilkka Siissalo, Hannu Peltola and John McKey.

Danish RR Subjects
DSB class EA in Copenhagen, Denmark
Denmark electric locomotives page gives you information on the many types and classes in use here!

Class ME number 1536 in Nyköping, Denmark
Country relies heavily on diesel power also has had a number of interesting and often quite unique heavy diesel locomotives.

DSB S-tog class SA number 9190 stopping at Copenhagen central on service C, Denmark
Many types of electric multiple units already run Danish expanding electric lines, both nationally and internationally.

DSB class MF number 5211 in Copenhagen, DenmarkDenmark has some legendary DMUs, in multiple meanings, take a look at these!

Railroads in Denmark differ in many aspects from that you find in most other modern European countries. Country has relied heavily on diesel power, which in the end backfired severely and now there is a a costly delayed move to electrification going on. Another interesting feature is that DSB as national railway practically has monopoly for any longer distance passenger service, meaning no standard European Union practices have been put into effect here and much of the innovative power inherent to all Western people is lost. In the end, we believe this will lead to either Denmark supporting a hugely costly railway passenger operation or big international operators taking over the passenger services much the way it happened to freight sector earlier.

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DSB class MG number 5833 in Odense, Denmark

DB Schenker Scandinavia intermodal in Odense, Denmark

DSB class EA in Copenhagen, Denmark

Denmark is a nation where the railroads have taken a quite different approach from other Nordic countries. First you notice most of the lines are not electrified and use of oldish diesel rolling stock is extensive. Rolling stock is quite aged because it is difficult to acquire dependable new diesel multiple units, which the Danes have experienced the hard way by buying Italian DMUs, finally delivered 11 years late of the expected delivery date. The lesson from this was learned and Denmark is in a process of electrifying all its main lines as fast as possible. This in turn will help taking into use rolling stock that is being used elsewhere and is standard, and most importantly: known well working.


Another thing you are quick to notice (besides the huge amount of graffiti ever present here) is how scattered the country is to several islands. This has lead to expensive bridge and tunnel building between these creating modern relatively fast connections that the ferries could not handle. The latest of these is the connection to Germany from the Danish island Zealand and the link to be built is called Fehmarnbelt. Now there are still rail+car ferries there, but these should give room to the new combined rail and road tunnel by 2018 to 2021 depending on the source.

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