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Communications link - Estonia - Electric Multiple Units        

Welcome to the Estonian Electric Multiple Units Page! Below you will find all the few types in use and given some time also their technical details. There are also pages for the Diesel Multiple Units and Diesel Locomotives. Estonia is one of the few European countries with no electric locomotives so far. In the near future the MOV equipment will also be added.  

* ER2 of Elektriraudtee * Flirt EMU of Elektriraudtee *       

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 Er2 of Elektriraudtee

Picture: ER2 unit 2401/2104 (+the middle wagon) approaching Kehra station in Northern Estonia to board well over 50 passengers. The white sided middle coach is still wearing the 1990's early independence period colors of Elektriraudtee.  Below a similar unit in the opposite end of the electrified line in Paldiski, west coast of Estonia. 


Technical details for ER2
-> Builder: RVZ  
-> Delivered to use: 1960s - 1980s?       
-> Classes: ER2xx
-> Operators & owners: Elektriraudtee
-> Operating areas: Estonian units only in Estonia, the type is seen just about
      everywhere in the ex Soviet colonies, where the countries have not had
      money to buy newer EMUs. 

-> Number of units: 10 - 20 left
-> Unit configurations: units have both powered cars and trailers
       and configurations can be easily changed from one use to another
-> Unit numbers: 210X - 24XX   
-> Capacity: varies 
-> Operational max. speed: 130 km/h (81 mph)  
-> Unit length: each module 20,1 meters
-> Unit heigth
-> Unit width:

-> Power source: 3000V overhead electric
-> Unit power: 800 kW (1087 Hp)
-> Mass, metric tons:
       - motor units: 55 metric tons
       - driving trailers: 41 tons
       - trailers: 39 tons
-> Train control systems: ?
-> Couplers: SA3 semiautomatic couplers 
-> Max axle weight: 20 tons   
-> ventilated environment for personnel and passengers
Easy recognition guide

  • Distinctive features, see above. If you are in Estonia or Latvia, the ER2 units are a very common sight! 

Picture above: the very spartan insides of the wireless network providing ER unit coaches. Roof line seems to be the same as on the 1980s modernized Finnish long distance "blue" coaches.  Below are seen the two alternative faces for the ER-2 units, on the left the partly modernized last design face of the Riga based manufacturer and on the right the typical old design from the old Soviet days. Picture above by John McKey and Picture below by Hannu Peltola. 

Elektriraudtee local electric ER2 units 2113 and an ancient 2101

Two evolution version away from the Estonian Soviet period colors are seen on these ER-2 units. Both pictures by Ilkka Siissalo, above from Paldiski and below from "Tallinn Jaam" the Tallinn station.

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 The Flirt EMUs!

Estonia decided to join the FLIRT EMU boom in Europe ordering 18 units. These units are to be delivered to Elektriraudtee (the electric railway) European Union structural funds covering 85% of the 100 million euros price tag. The testing will happen in 2012 with all the deliveries finished by the end of year 2013. These units will be the first to provide passengers with huge 3,5 meter wide cabin. This can be realised by the large Russian originating loading gauge available in a few other places in Europe. Deliveries by the end of 2013 mean that Estonians will get their modified FLIRT units in a record time, Finnish FLIRT units ordered 5 years earlier will be delivered by the same same schedule! 

Sydostbahn Flirt train at Wädenswil

Sydostbahn Flirt train at Wädenswil

Junakalusto Sm5 number 01 in Snowy Kerava Finland

Junakalusto Sm5's 01 and 02 meet at Pasila, Helsinki, Finland

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Created for by Ilkka Siissalo and John McKey. Pictures by Stanislav Voronin, Gerard J. Putz, Ilkka Siissalo and John McKey.


Junakalusto Sm5's 01 and 02 meet at Pasila, Helsinki, Finland
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