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Sm4 "Rabbit" EMUs

The Sm4 "Rabbit" EMUs were the first partly low floored EMUs for the Finnish rail networks. These comfortable and well behaving units were initially ordered from CAF in Spain, but for some reason the later units were license built by Alstom! The Sm4's intended use is for regional traffic, where the EMU is at it's best, but due to chronical lack of commuter units in the Helsinki metropolitan area, a number of Rabbits are daily used to supplement this traffic instead. The trains have been otherwise a great success, but winter durability has caused some problems, despite all the design efforts.

The VR-Yhtyma green Sm4 number 6319 in southern Finland
Picture above: The first Rabbit painted salad green, unit 6319/6419 passes Purola, north of Helsinki in the winter morning. The distinctive wide Spanish bodied vehicle means more room for passengers adn better comfort. The middle section of both coaches in the EMU are low floored, while the powered ends are accessed with steps inside. The Rabbit also is supplied with large free area behind the coll round windowed doors, which allows bikes, baby carts, wheel chairs, elderly people, etc. to pass effectively in and out reducing the time spent at the stations.

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Roster pictures: * 6319/6419 *

Created for by John McKey and Andreas Ehnberg. Pictures by Stanislav Voronin, Ilkka Siissalo, Hannu Peltola, Andreas Ehnberg and John McKey.

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An IC2 fo VR pulled by Swiss type Sr2 has just left Pasila, Helsinki on it's way to Turku in the west

Finnish Railroads Main Page, a great place to start browsing this section.

Junakalusto Class Sm5 on test drive meets Sm4 of VR-Yhtyma in Kerava, just outside Helsinki, Finland
Finnish railroad organizations and railroad operators have their own pages, as well as the largest operator VR-Yhtyma and a newcomer to the field Junakalusto.

While much of the passenger traffic concentrates around the capital Helsinki, you might be interested in the roster pictures of VR-Yhtyma, Junakalusto and the city of Helsinki operator HKL. HKL operates the metro and narrow gauge trams

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  Sm4 unit 6319/6419 of VR-Yhtymä
The VR-Yhtyma green Sm4 number 6319 in southern Finland

Picture: The unit 6319/6419 derailed in 2010 at the Helsinki main due to faulty switch. Because of the lack of the local and regional units the EMU was quickly fixed and received the new VR paint scheme of salad green and white. Here the unit is seen freshly after the fixing and repainting at Purola on the main track, a little bit north of kerava.

Picture by Ilkka Siissalo.

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VR Sm4 number 6319/6419

Sm4 unit 6319/6419 seen still in the attractive red color scheme. Here the EMU is gathering speed at the Kerava junction area on it's dash as the high speed track regional Z-service from Helsinki to Lahti. The flyover in the background brings the trains towards Helsinki, as most of the routes in Finland are run the same way as automobiles: the traffic is right handed. The major exception is the Helsinki - kerava main track, where the local traffic is run on the left side to avoid shock waves between the long distance and local trains. So on the northbound trains you can sometimes watch into the neighboring long distance trains when arriving back home from work.

Picture by John McKey.

The VR-Yhtyma green Sm4s numbers 6319 and 6322 in Savio, Kerava, Finland

Being first and second salad green units, the 6319/6419 and 6322/6422 are immensely popular among the photographers. Here is a cool telephoto of the units passing Savio a few kilometers south of Kerava.

Picture by Stanislav Voronin.

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