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The aim of this page is to collect a picture or a few on each of the Pääkaupunkiseudun Junakalusto Oys Flirt class Sm5 trains and possible their other rail vehicles. 

 The Organization  
The new company was established in 2004 to own and lease commuter trains operated in the Helsinki Metropolitan area under the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Council (YTV/HMAC). HMAC has for long been responsible for the mass transportation to outside Helsinki but not within the city itself for years. Recently there was also an agreement to include the city of Helsinki and additional surrounding cities under its authority. The owners of the train owner company are the cities of Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and tiny Kauniainen plus the national rail operator VR-Yhtyma thus forming a national coalition. So far the company has ordered 32 FLIRT EMUs from Stadler Bussnang AG for 189 million €. The trains are 4 car units for around 250 passengers. Delivery is starting from the years 2009/2010. The units will replace some of the older Sm1 EMUs owned by VR-Yhtyma. The trains will be externally quite identical to the typical other Flirt trains. 

Shiny new paint covers the brand new Flirt unit number 01 of the Junakalusto at the end of the year 2008. This picture was taken only a day later after the train was put together after shipping. Here the unit is seen inside the service building in Helsinki providing a shelter from the harsh Finnish winter weather.   

Below you will find a picture of any of the Flirt/Sm5 class trains in Finland. Click any picture to see the larger version for details!   


Finnish Flirt Roster Pictures  

PKJ Sm5 number 01              
Here the Sm5 number 01 is seen on the test drive in Kerava early 2009. The attractive white-gray-blue-green livery is a welcome alternative to the VR-Yhtymas all red and white newer pains schemes.  

The same PKS Sm5 number 01 right next to the newer VR-Yhtyma Bombardier / Fiat built Sm4 class commuter train. While the Flirt is a four module design, very much needed in the Helsinki area congested traffic, the older Sm4 is a traditional 2 module EMU. Thus the productivity will be enhanced as the conductor can serve 4 cars instead of the so far normal 2 cars in one EMU unit.  


PKJ Sm5 number 02  

Several shots were taken on PKJs Sm5 test run in Tikkurila. On the picture aboce the Flirt train is preparing to leave nort towards Kerava. Harsh Finnish winter weather provides a great test for any new train unit! If operation is possible in winter conditions, other weather types should not provide any obstacles for operations.


More pictures will follow later! More units will follow these pilot trains in 2009/2010. 



Created for by John McKey. Pictures by Stanislav Voronin, Photo Ranger,
Hannu Luukannel, Hannu Peltola, Ilkka Siissalo, Sanna Siissalo, Stanislav Voronin and John McKey.

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Sources:, Ilkka Siissalo, the net, Pääkaupunkiseudun Junakalusto,  ...    

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