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Alpine Railway


Contact Us! - Finnish Rolling Stock Classes        

This is the page for collecting VR-Yhtyma rolling stock pictures and provide professionals and hobbyists information on as many unit as possible. Click any picture to see the larger version for details!  

    Finnish Rolling Stock Classes Page...     
    Finnish Rolling Stock Heritage Classes Page...
    Finnish Railroading Organizations Page...        


 Finnish Electric Locomotives 

VR-Yhtyma Sr1 number 3031 and Sr2 number 3210 at the Ilmala depot Helsinki             The Sr1 is the old Soviet built electric locomotive and the Sr2 is a modern class Re460/Re465 variant from Switzerland.  


 Finnish Diesel Locomotives 

VR-Yhtyma Dv12 number 2710 in Tampere Finland            The DV12 number 2710 is a radio controlled unit to be operated remotely on the switching duties. Picture by John McKey.   


VR-Yhtyma Dr14 number 1856 in Tampere Finland            The Dr14 is the heaviest switcher in Finland (believe it or not), here seen humping cars over the hill in Tampere. Picture by John McKey.   


VR-Yhtyma Dr16 number 2820 in Kontimaki

Again a "heavy" modern Finnish built road locomotive. The Dr16, few in numbers, are mainly used in the Northern Finland. Picture by Ilkka Siissalo 2003. 

 Finnish EMUs

VR-Yhtyma Sm1 number 6022 in Hiekkaharju (near Helsinki)             


VR-Yhtyma Sm2 number 6062 in Kerava       
VR-Yhtyma Sm3, unknown unit number 7xxx near Savio      


VR-Yhtyma Sm4 number 6306 in Riihimaki, north of Helsinki     

 Finnish DMU
VR-Yhtyma Dm12 number 4408 in Haapamaki Finland            The Dm12 is the solution for the old tracks with just a little traffic remaining.  Haapamaki, where this DMU is standing to meet another train for connections, was in the steam period a huge junction station. Picture by John McKey 2008.

More pictures will follow later. Please see the following pages for more Finish classes: 

    Finnish Rolling Stock Classes Page...     
    Finnish Rolling Stock Heritage Classes Page...
    Finnish Railroading Organizations Page...     

Created for by John McKey. Pictures by Hannu Luukannel, Hannu Peltola, Ilkka Siissalo, Sanna Siissalo, Stanislav Voronin and John McKey.

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Finnish railroad organizations and railroad operators have their own pages, as well as the largest operator VR-Yhtyma and a newcomer to the field Junakalusto.

Helsinki Area Railroading
While much of the passenger traffic concentrates around the capital Helsinki, you might be interested in the roster pictures of VR-Yhtyma, Junakalusto and the city of Helsinki operator HKL. HKL operates the metro, buses and narrow gauge trams. 


You might also like to see the Finnish Rolling Stock Classes Page or the Rolling Stock Heritage Classes Page!


The Finnish Infrastructure Page gives you details on the railroad projects of past, present and the future. Finnish Railroad History Page describes the beginnings of Finnish railroading.  

Finnish location is quite challenging for the railroading, the European Union Railroading Page and the Rail Baltica Page shed light to this subject.

Russians in Finland Page brings you some of the exotic Russian models, many still dating back to the Soviet period.

Last but not least, Take a virtual tour with a Finnish heritage locomotive Vr1 / "Chicken". This story was brought to by Hannu Peltola.

Sources:, the net, ...    

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