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General information on Railways in Germany
Germany is the largest and most active railroading country in Europe. A look at the map reveals that the country of over 80 million people is in the crossroads of the continent. And trains also dash between numerous population centers within the country. Like the observations on the shows, there might be trains every few minutes both ways on the many busy double tracked segments! 
The mighty operator of the country is Deutsche Bahn (commonly known as "DB") but due to the EU open access policy there are currently more than 50 other operators on the German tracks too (The state owns the track and every operator may use it). While much of the traffic is on the freight side, Germany also has a lively passenger traffic on local, regional, national and international levels. DB is training a strong presence in the international operations due to open access for passenger side from the beginning of year 2017, when the Velaro class 407 is estimated to be able to run from Germany to London, U.K.  

Super High Speed Trains and Networks of Germany  
You have probably heard of the German ICE (Inter City Express) super high speed trains. Only rivalled in Europe by TGVs of SNCF in France, the operator DB currently has a formidable fleet of ICE 1-3 and Velaro-D trainsets in use or almost in use. More will be in order later to fullfill the capacity needs for national and international super high speed travel. While the futuristic rolling stock is the pride of the Deutsche Bahn (DB), the state of Germany has been gradually building its high tech super high speed concrete runways for its trains, currently over 1000 km of this track is already in use.      

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DB depot view with classes 185 nr 243, 152 nr 030 and 189 number 056 and class 151 receiving trainorders in Duisburg, Germany
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A drawing of the Velaro-D DB class 407 in use arriving at station
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Rails on the North Sea, Germany
There are also some of the most unusual railroading sites in Germany: one of the is the island railroads on the North Sea.

DB ICE2 class 402 arriving to Köln, Germany

Br605 in Zurich, Switzerland

Rolling Stock in Germany
Germany is a huge railroading nation with a breathtaking variety of rolling stock moving on its lines. Currently we have a special page for ICE / Velaro trains by Siemens and Traxx locomotive platform of Bombardier.  
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Rails on the North Sea, Germany

Rails on the North Sea Islands
Germany also has some very unusual railroading sites. One of them is the railroads on the North Sea islands.

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