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NTV .italo ETR-575 number 07, Italy

Trenitalia ETR500 in Italy

Trenitalia Minuetto ME in Padova, Italy

ETR470 of Cisalpino unit 1, Padova, Italy

Lokomotion 663 in Brenner, Italy

Translohr tram APS 08 in Padova, Italy


Railways in Italy
Italy is one of the medium sized railroad nations of Europe. The volumes of both freight and passenger railroading are substantial. Freight railroads carry Italian finished goods North to Germany trough Gotthard, Brenner and other passes and mountain sides of Switzerland, Austria and France. Many international passenger routes also originate European wide from the Northern Italy.
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High Speed Railroading in Italy

Italy is also a major player in the super high speed trains arena, with Trenitalia, NTV, SBB and SNCF EMUs connecting some of the larger cities. The high speed lines network especially in the North is quite substantial. Numerous Trenitalia ETR-500, ETR-1000 and NTV italo AGV ETR-575 train sets handle high speed services. These will be followed in a few years with new SBB high speed "Giruno" EC250 EMUs. Pendolinos are important in the high speed fleet too.

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Some of the older rolling stock at its home turf are now Trenitalia and SBB owned tilting Pendolinos. Newer Pendolino class ETR-610/ETR-600 EMUs have almost replaced their older ETR-470 versions. From 2017 these will be complemented eight NTV owned and operated ETR-600 Pendolinos. Italy is also the home turf for these trains with Alstom Savigliano plant manufacturing Pendolinos for a number of European nations.


    Alpine Traffic to Italy...   
North-South traffic between Italy and countries on the other side of the Alps mountain range huge, so numerous electric locomotives of several operators are employed here.


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