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SBB Crocodile ce6-8 II from Erstfeld Switzerland

This is a near future page devoted to "Crocodile like" locos of the Europe - as many look from the distance similar we decided to go ahead and create a page for many of these types.

To start with let's take a look at the real croco and the crocodile like locomotive.

On the left above the first is the "real" crocodile. A good guide is a look at the complicated driving system with jackshafts at the sides of the loco. Almost like a steam engine combined with an electric engine.

Next, lets take a look at the crocolikes. When you look at the drive on the other loco you notice this has a traditional and much simplified structure to move the wheels. You can't see the machinery swinging around and up and down, but you still have the same disctictive interesting shape here. This is a crocodile like locomotive we will take many closer looks at in the near future.


Created for by Andreas ehnberg and John McKey. Pictures by Ilkka Siissalo, Hannu Peltola and John McKey.

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Crocolikes in Switzerland
RhB Crocodile in Visp Switzerland

BVZ Crocolike HGe 4/4 I
VZ (Visp Zermatt) narrow gauge crocolikes from 1929 are still in use!

Built by: MFO and SLM in 1929
Unit in use:
Unit numbers:
Power: 680 kW (912 Hp)
Max speed: 55 km/h, 30 km/h on cog wheels

More information on HGe 4/4 I






C30-7i of Eesti Raudtee...
Acquired at the opening of the new era for the Estonian Railways with its heavier sisters the C30-7i locomotives were imported from U.S.A. as a second hand rolling stock to be used with the heavy freight trains from the Russia to Estonian ports.

Built by: General Electric in 1976 - 1984
Units imported and refurbished: 19(?), 2002  
Unit numbers: 1558 - 1577
Power: 2240 kW (3000 Hp)
Effect: 400 - 438 kN, 90 - 96 klbs
Usage: General freight locomotive, although at home with the heavy freights is often used for road switching and even local switching.


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  The "Original" Crocodile
SBB Crocodile ce6-8 II from Erstfeld Switzerland

The "original", actually best known, Crocodile was built for the use at heavy freight trains on Lötshberg and Botthard routes. A total of 51 units of classes Be 6/8 and Ce 6/8 were built for the operator SBB.



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VZ HGe 4/4 I Crocolikes in Visp, Switzerland
VZ Crocodile in Visp Switzerland  
VZ Crocodile in Visp Switzerland  


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