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BNSF ES44C4 number 6619 in California, U.S.A.
UP stack train led by SD70ACE number 8443 with 5 sisters foloowing, Southwest U.S.A.
Seattle Monorail

North America Railroading Main Page
Welcome to the North America Main page of the! Many of the writers of this web reference site are admirers of the railroading in North America: Canada, U.S. and Mexico. The operators in the area can be seen as the forerunners of the economical freight railroading. The huge mountaineous terrain and strict regulations added to the economical goals of the companies have created an unique mix of railroading unlike in any other part in the world.

For the moment we are building quite large locomotive directory and adding thousands of pictures to our North American galleries. To get started with, pick one of the links below.

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Amtrak Locomotives technical info and rosters...
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Typical to railroading in North America

  • A handful of huge corporations operate on their own track (in Europe the infrastructure is typically owned by countries and any company may in principle operate anywhere). This gives in many cases these an exclusive rights to a certain operating area.  
  • Emphasis is for the most part only on nationwide freight railroading, although national passenger service operator Amtrak exists. (Europe is much more passenger and internationally oriented, but the operations areas are in most cases much smaller). 
  • Numerous smaller private freight and public sector passenger rail operators exist.     
  • There is not yet true high speed railroading in the U.S.A., which can be seen as highly unusual because the country is the only industrialized nation that is not using the benefits of the high speed networks. The building phase has now started, how ever slowly and results will be seen in about 10 years from now.
  • The tracks are for most part NOT electrified due to wast distances and said earlier low return on the capital (where most all of the European networks are electrified because capital used for these is seen important to the public sector owning lines).  
  • In recent years railroads have experiences "a new start", times are good for railroading again with volumes of transportation in steady growth. Shipping of intermodal, grain and coal are booming to name a few.
  • Most freight trains are much more massive than in Europe. Using as small trains as in Europe would most likely melt down the systems capacity as the long and heavy trains are much more effective on moving the freight.
  • The operating area in Nort America is in constant change and genuinely competing with the other forms of transportation.

    Some older material
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    Created for by John McKey. Pictures by Gerry Putz, Ilkka Siissalo, Hannu Peltola, Nick Slocombe and John McKey.

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    On this section
    BNSF C44-9W number 4919 with trailers, Walapai, Arizona, U.S.A.
    At BNSF locomotives page you can will most types and technical details of the 7000+ units fleet of BNSF.

    CSX ES40DC with a manifest in Maryland, U.S.A.
    CSX locomotives page has technical information and details on most locos in use at CSX.

    King Street Station in Seattle Washington
    Shay at Cass West Virginia, U.S.A.
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     High Speed Rail in U.S.

    High speed rail building has truly been a painful process for U.S. It is the last post industrialized nation to lack true high speed railway operations. However, it now looks like things are starting to progress slowly forward with both California and Illinois track building started or starting soon.

    In California the first earth moving for the new right of way is taking place in the Central Valley area, work slowly progressing both ways. It remains to be seen if part of the high speed route will be taken into use before year 2023. Looking from the European view point ramping up the passenger numbers always takes a lot of time. Building a high speed eccosysytems to support the operations also takes time. As a result the routes in Europe are oftern taken into use in parts. This also gives already some savings on the travel time to the railroad customers.

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