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Union Pacific Railroad Locomotive Types

This page is currently being refurbished, so it might miss some material. These will be added with updates.

Union Pacific has thousands of diesels. Referenced on this page will be a few hundred of the various types.

Created for by Ilkka Siissalo, Gerard J. Putz, Nick Slocombe and John McKey. Pictures by Ilkka Siissalo, Nick Slocombe, Gerard J. Putz and John McKey.

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SD70ACe: 8443 *
Locomotive Types of Union Pacific Railroad
General Electric Models
Union Pacific AC4460CW number 6904 in Cajin Pass, California. U.S.A. AC4460CW of UPRR
Caterpillar-EMD Models
UP stack train led by SD70ACE number 8443 with 5 sisters foloowing, Southwest U.S.A. SD70ACe of Union Pacific
UP1996 Heritage Colored SD70ACes of Union Pacific
UP SD70Ms number 4101 and 4068 at Shenandoah junction,m West Virginia, U.S.A.

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  Union Pacific SD70ACe number 1996


In the mid 2000's Union Pacific decided to go forward with a number of heritage unit, each one representing one of the the railroads that had been recently merged into UP. Since SD70ACe is definately NOT a design product, this has also been said to been made to hide the details of locomotice. The heritage paint schemes typically achieves this target extremely well! UP1996 is one of the set, "Black Widow" paint scheme originating from the glory days of the mighty Southern Pacific's passenger operations. Here the Union Pacific 1996 is seen crossing the mountains at Tehachapi in early 2008. The serial number for the unit is 20056723-100 and the unit was finished from manufacturing lines in August 2006.

Picture by Left Coast Rail Videos / George Cataulin 2008.

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  Union Pacific SD70M number 4162

Union Pacific stack lead by SD70MAC number 4162 in Midwest, U.S.A.

Union Pacific SD70M unit is leading the heavy stack train in the Midwest USA.

Picture by Gerry Putz.

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  UP AC45CCTe (ES44AC) number 7454 leading a stack train

UP stack train on the desert, Southwest U.S.A.

The American formidable stack trains are really possible to observe only in wide open spaces, so huge they are spanning in many cases from visual horizon to another. These monsters are operated by class 1 railroads like BNSF, UP (above and below), Norfolk Southern, CSX, KCS, CN and CP, but only in the Southwestern desert they become 10'000+ feet long (over 3 kilometers). This kind of stack train is as close to equivalent to ship on the water. The huge container ships dock to Californian harbors, where the containers are loaded to BNSF and UP stack trains for a journey to east.

Here the UP international container carrier is spanning the desert on it's way back west to California.

Pictures by Gerry Putz.
UP stack train led by ES44AC number 7454 on the desert, Southwest U.S.A.
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  UP SD9043MAC (ES44AC) number 8199 leading a manifest in Colorado

UP 8199 in the snow in Colorado, U.S.A.

A beautiful snowy scene of the rare Union Pacific SD9043MAC (an SD90 series 4300 Hp AC loco) leading a quartet of locomotives at the tip of the long manifest spanning to the horizon in Colorado fields.

Pictures by Nick Slocombe.
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  UP SD70ACe number 8443 in Cajon Pass

UP stack train led by SD70ACE number 8443 with 5 sisters foloowing, Southwest U.S.A.

Above a closer study of the EMD (now part of Caterpillar) built UP SD70ACe locomotive. While the visual design is definitely not one of the strengths of the EMD, this locomotive has some state of the art modular components and is made for extremely heavy everyday duties.

Below the UP manifest (mized freight) on the hills of Cajon Pass in California. Notice the other end of the train spanning far into the horizon.

Pictures by Gerry Putz.
UP stack train led by SD70ACE number 8443 with 5 sisters foloowing, Southwest U.S.A.
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