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And finally, the solitary M62K number 1229 in Lithunia. This unit is switching in Panevezys station. Picture by Ilkka Siissalo. Notice the almost identiccal coloring in each locomotive taken in three different countries! 
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 Technical details
-> Type: M62, 2M62, 3M62    
-> Usage: Heavy road freight locomotive
-> Builder: Lugansk
-> Production dates: 1964 - 1987  
-> Numbers built: almost 3000 , remaining units unknown
    - M62: 750 units 
    - 2M62:  1250 units
    - 3M62: a few  
-> Gauge: 1520 mm (5 ft)
-> Users: LDZ, Rzd, ...
-> Seen: Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, probably
       much of the ex. Eastern Europe.
-> Energy Source: Diesel fuel   
-> Engine: Kolomna type 14D40 V-12, 2 stroke, turbocharged 

-> Power output: originally 1470 kW / unit (2000 Hp) at 750 rpm      
-> Transmission: Diesel electric DC
-> Generator:    
-> Traction motors: DC,
ETM type ED-107, each x 195 kW, later types
       may have same ED-107A as the 2TE116. 
-> Tractive Effort:
350 kN  start / 200 kN at 20km/h
-> Wheel arrangement:  Co-Co + Co-Co
-> Wheel diameter: 1050 mm

-> Maximum operational speed:  100 km/h (62 mph) 

-> Length:
 17,4m  per each unit
-> Heigth:
-> Width:    

-> Weight:
   - M62: 117 metric tons   
   - 2M62: 120 metric tons x 2
-> Axle weight max: 20 tons 
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 M62 number 1798 of RdZ   
m62 number 1789 in Sortavala Russia
Sitting in the tough weather of Sortavala Russia thwe M62 number 1798 is resting between the assignments. Picture by Ilkka Siissalo 2009.      

 Also on Eastern Rolling Stock  
Finland RdZ Tep70 number 0217 in Vainikkala
The Tep70 heavy passenger locomotive is used in both Russian and international traffic on 5 ft domain.
Transoil 2Te116 number 0635 in Narva Estonia
The backbone of current Russian freight railroading is formed with the monstrous 2Te116, Te116 and 3te116 locomotives. These powerful locos also work regularly on international 1520mm/5ft routes. 
3m62u in Sortavala Russia
2M62, M62 and the 3M62 in the picture created an impressive heavy diesel fleet in Soviet period of the Russia. Most units still exist, either in original condition or rebuilt.   
Tep60 in Riga, Latvia
Tep60 passenger diesel was a predecessor of the formidable Tep70 diesels. Once creating a numerous passenger fleet, many units have found their way to the museum, but you might be able to spot an unit online in countries like Latvia.     

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