ÖBB Class 1144 and 1116 Taurus at Wiener Neustadt in Austria
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A newer Taurus page with the very latest information exists, so why not follow this link there?

Welcome to the new Taurus locomotives theme page! Taurus is one of the trend setters for today and tomorrow in the modern electric traction category. Powerful state of the art locomotives with an exterior design of almost a modern sportscar can be attractive to any customer!

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 Background for the Development     
In the beginnig of the 21st century demand for new passenger and cargo locomotives was quickly rising. One of the most successful new locomotive families was - and still is - the Eurosprinter family, developed by Siemens and ADtrans (later acquired by Bombardier). The first really widespread cargo locomotive of this family was the German class 152. Based on the success of the Br 152 Siemens started developing together with the Austrian state railways ÖBB a new multi purpose fast locomotive. The design was modular and the dynamic new looks were designed by Porsche. The Taurus was born!  

Picture: A first generation class 1016 (of Austrian Railways) Taurus locomotive stopping at Bregenz. Picture by Ilkka Siissalo 2002.

 The Taurus Family Variations
A dear child has many names. The first generation Taurus was of the Eurosprinter 2 family of the Siemens. It has a single electric system fo 16 kV 16,6 Hz and is known as the class 1016 in Austria and class 182 in Germany. The first Taurus was soon followed by a further development. The second generation Taurus (still a second generation Eurosprinter), ÖBB class 1116, is almost similar to the first one, but with the added capability to run on Hungarian 25 kV 50Hz. 

The second generation Taurus class 1116 number 045 with a traditional passenger train arriving at St Poelten (Sankt Pölten) Austria. These locomotives have double electrical systems and can run for instance to Hungary and Slovenia. Below the  MAV, Hungarian railways, Taurus class 1047 number 005 in Linz. Notice that the Austrian (early) version has 4 pantographs and the later built Slovenian version just 2.  Both pictures by Ilkka Siissalo.

Later a third generation, class 1216 appeared, with slightly modified looks. This new locomotive belongs to the newer Eurosprinter family 3. The class 1216 is a 4 system locomotive, also capable of running on 1,5 and 3 kV DC lines for example in Slovenia and Italy. Among other things it can be recognized from the first Tauri by the doors at the cab sides right behind the cab windows. the first two Taurus generations only have a door at the middle of the locomotive.
 ÖBB and the Taurus Locomotives
For the ÖBB (Austrian Railways) alone, Siemens has built 50 class 1016, 282 class 1116 and 50 class 1216 Taurus locomotives! The newest, class 1216 has a maximum operational speed of 230 km/h (143 Mph). The starting maximum tractive effort of 300 kN, 6400 kW power rating, a weight of 87 tons and a length of 19,6 metres. All the Tauri are Bo'Bo' type 4 axle locos.
One of the class 1216 locomotives also set the new world record of 357 km/h.
Class numbers, "names", of the different Taurus locomotives
1st generation
Austrian ÖBB Br 1016, German DB Br 182, Siemens product name ES 64 U
(=EuroSprinter 6400 kW universal locomotive)
2nd generation
ÖBB Br 1116, Hungarian MAV and GySEV class 1047, Siemens ES 64 U2
3rd generation
ÖBB Br 1216, Slovenian railways SZ class 541, German  Br 183, Italian
class E190, Siemens ES 64 U4.

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Class numbers and terms of the different Taurus locomotives    

Technical details for Siemens Taurus 1 and 2 (Eurosprinter 2 family)
Type: ES64U2 (EuroSprinter 6400kW U2> dual power sourced: 15 kV and 25 KV)
Usage:  multipurpose medium heavy electric locomotive
Builder:  Siemens AG
Production dates: 1997 - 2006  
Numbers built: 437
Users: DB Schenker, Hupac, MAV of Hungary, Mittelweserbahn GmbH MRCE/Dispolok, ÖBB
Seen:  Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia 

Energy Source: electricity 15kV 16,7 Hz, most with 25kV 50 Hz  
Power output: 6400 kW (8700 Hp), momentary 7000 kW (9517 Hp) 
Tractive Effort: 300 kN start, 250 kN continuos max. (variates with speed)  
Braking effort on traction motors (dynamic braking): 
Wheel arrangement: Bo'Bo'    
Wheel diameter: 1150 mm as new

Maximum operational speed where possible: 230 km/h (143 Mph),
record speed 357 km/h (222 mph)    

Length: 19,3 m 
Heigth:  3,96 m
Width: 3,00 m     

Weight: 85 metric tons ( lb)   

 A Short Operators List for the Taurus Locomotives 
- DB Schenker
- Gysev
- Hupac SA 
- MAV, Hungarian Railways
- Mittelweserbahn
- MRCE-Dispolok 

- ÖBB (Austrian Railways) including the operators high speed "Railjet" operations

More to be added later. 


 World Record on ES64U4 Locomotive 
On September 2nd 2006 the Austrian Railways owned class 1216 number 050 run the new world record for locomotives. The record attempt was made on German high speed line between Kinding and Allersberg in two phases, first ending to top speed of 344 km/h (214 mph) and the second for the standing world record of 357 km/h (222 mph). The previous world record of 331 km/h was made back in 1955 by the French Railways unit (with almost disasterous results). The new Taurus record unit pictured below by Siemens AG.

 Pictures of the Siemens ES64U2 and U4 Taurus locomotives



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