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Russian Electric Locomotives
Electric locomotives are one of the main focus areas on modernization of the Russian railways. Looking at the past, present and guessing future, there is a steady progress going on. Since the starting level is that of a good third World country, it will however take decades before high tech modern electrics will be available in quantities. The quantity is the key here, the largest country with rich natural resources needs a huge fleet of locomotives to keep the steel wheels rolling.

One curious thing about Russia seems to be that there seems to be a lot of talking and the result only show so gradually. For now it looks like while the others do the talking, Siemens-Sinara Ural locomotives is in the process of manufacturing the next generation of locomotives. Another bigger manufacturer is Transmasholding with several models.

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Created for by John McKey. Pictures by Andreas Ehnberg, Hannu Peltola, Stanislav Voronin, Ilkka and Sanna Siissalo, Nick Slocombe, Gerard J. Putz and John McKey.

 RZD (Russian State Railways)
RZD EP20 number 005 in Vainikkala, Finland EP20 of RZD
EP20 is the latest modern heavy fast passenger service locomotive of RZD.

Units built:    
Unit numbers
Maximum allowed speed
: )  
Electrical systems:  
: heavy passenger locomotive

  Detailed information on EP20... 

RzD ES10 prototype number 001, Russia

Es10 "Granit"
Es10 manufactured by (Siemens-Sinara joint venture) Ural locomotives will be one of the RzD modern locos to change railroading. These powerful machines will be responsible for handling traffic across the Ural mountain range once they will become available in quantities.


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