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X40 EMUs in Stockholm

The X40 EMUs of SJ are responsible for the regional transportation mostly around Stockholm. These Coradia Nordic family trains are used for journeys up to 2 - 3 hours from Stockholm.

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SJ X40 number 3707 in Linköping, Sweden
Picture above: The Alstom built X40 Coradia Nordic unit number 3707 with two coaches is seen together with a three coached sister in Linköping. Picture by Ilkka Siissalo.

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Technical Details of X40 *

Roster pictures of SJ X40 EMUS: 3716 * 3727 *

Created for by John McKey. Pictures by Hannu Peltola, Ilkka Siissalo, Andreas Ehnberg and John McKey.

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Technical Info of X40

  Class X40 of SJ    

SJ X40 i Tomteboda i Stockholm, Sverige
SL X40s unit 3716 in Linköping, Sweden
SJ X40 number 3707 in Linköping, Sweden
SJ X40 numbers 3707 and 3316 in Linköping, Sweden

The class X40 EMUs are responsible for the SJ's regional train traffic. These EMUs may look like they were straight from the Star wars movie and the paint scheme gives you similar thoughts. Actually this Alstom Coradia Nordic series is so ugly, when you see them approaching the station, that they are actually interesting. In the strong contrast to the outer appearance is the comfortable compartmentalized inside with services. Each train has an easily accessible bathroom and a series of automats for food and drinks in the first class basement.

The X40 series comes in lengths of 2 and 3 modules. Normally you see these coupled together to for an EMU of 5 modules. The X40 EMUs are easiest to see within around 200 kilometers of the Stockholm area.

There was recently some complaints about the usage of the trains where the passengers are accustomed to sit one way; in the X40 the passengers sit facing each other causing some additional stress.

Technical details for class X40 of SJ
-> Type/class: X40 (Alstom Coradia Nordic)   
-> Usage: regional and interregional fast transportation 
-> Builder: Alstom   
-> Operators: SJ of Sweden
-> Production dates: 2004 - 2008    
-> Numbers built:  43,
    - 16 double units
    - 27 triple units

-> Seen: mainly on the routes from Stockholm  
-> Number series: 3300 - 3343

-> Seats:
    - Double units: 153,
    - Triple units: 252,
    - The first and second class are similarly equipped
    - Electrical outlets installed
    - Wifi-internet for travellers
    - The first floor is accessible even with a wheel chair

-> Energy Source: electricity, 15kV 16,66 Hz AC
-> Engine: Alstom 4 FXA 2854  
-> Power output: 1600kW (2175 Hp) for 2 unit train, 2400kW (3263 Hp) for 3 unit train  
-> Transmission:  
-> Tractive Effort: unknown 
-> Braking effort on traction motors (dynamic braking): unknown   
-> Multiple drive: up to 4 units in the class X40
-> Wheel arrangement:   
    - Double units: Bo'2'+2'Bo'
    - Triple units: Bo'2'+2'Bo'+2'Bo'

-> Wheel diameter: 920 mm or 780 mm depending on the source

-> Maximum operational speed where possible: 200 km/h (124 mph) 

-> Length:  
    - Double units: 55,1 m
    - Triple units: 81,5 m

-> Weight: 140/205 metric tons (,000 lb)
    - Double units: 140 metric tons
    - Triple units: 205 metric tons  

-> Special:
-- the customers are complaining about the normal toilets being so small they can't access them to do what they need to do and are forced to use the handicapped toilet instead (only 1/train unit).

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X40 Roster Pictures

 X40 unit 3716
SL X40s unit 3716 in Linköping, Sweden

A three module SJ X40 unit 3716 is seen like usually coupled together with a two module sister in Jönköping, middle Sweden.

Picture by Ilkka Siissalo.





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 X40 unit 3727
SJ X40 i Tomteboda i Stockholm, Sverige

SJ X40 unit 3727 is passing Tomteboda (Elf village) postal sorting center on its way to Stockholm cnetral just a few kilometers south.

Picture by John McKey.





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