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Courbevoie - Freight Cars in Sweden Swedish freight cars and their operators. New and old. Pictures of different variants.

Created for by John McKey. Pictures by Gerry Putz, Nick Slocombe, Ilkka Siissalo, Hannu Peltola and John McKey.

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LKAB: Fammoorr 050 *

LKAB Fammoorr050 ore carrier number 4961, Luleå, Sweden Class Fammoorr of LKAB
This is the newest type of LKAB heavy duty ore cars. Two cars are always coupled together with a drawbar.

Usage: heavy duty ore car
Units built: >1000    
Unit numbers: 6001 - 7000 ->
Ore capacity: 102 tons (224'900 lbs) 

  Detailed information on class Fammoorr050...

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LKAB IORE units 108 and 122  running an ore train from Kiruna towards north, Sweden
Picture above:

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LKAB Fammoorr050 ore carriers, Luleå, Sweden
LKAB Fammoorr050 ore carrier number 4268, Luleå, Sweden

LKAB has so far ordered over 1000 Fammoorr ore carriers. The cars can always be found on the northern portion of Malmbana, but most of the time on the southern section too. Two cars are always coupled together with a drawbar.

Technical details Fammoor050
-> Type: heavy duty iron pellet car
-> Manufacturers:
-- skeleton and bogies: Kockums industrier in Malmö
-- other structures and cargo hatches: Kiruna waggon in Kiruna
-> Users: LKAB (trains are run by MTAB)
-> Seen: on Malmbana in Sweden and Norway
-> Class: Fammoorr050
-> Usage: transportation of ore pellets to the harbors
-> Production dates: 2004 onwards
-> Numbers built: >1000
-> Numbers in use: >1000
-> Road numbers: 6001 - 7000 ->

-> Weight empty: 21,6 tons (47'620 lbs)
-> Loading capacity: 102 tons (224'900 lbs), 50m3 (1766 cubic feet)
-> Weight loaded: 123,6 tons (272'160 lbs)
-> Max axle load: 30,9 tons (68'040 lbs)

-> Max allowed speed:
-- empty: 70 km/h (43,5 mph)
-- loaded: 60 km/h (37 mph)

-> Loading: top
-> Discharging: bottom hatches between the rails

-> gauge: 1435 mm (4'8,5" )
-> Bogie type: AMSTED motion control three piece
-> Wheel arrangement: 2'2'
-> Wheel diameter: 915 / 857 mm
-> Minimum curve radius: 90 meters / 295 feet
-> Brakes: UIC type hanging brake system
-> Couplers: SA3 at one end and drawbar at the other, freight cars always running in pairs.
-> Operation temperatures: -40°C - +50°C (-40°F - +122°F)

-> Length (single car): 10,3 m (33,8')
-> Heigth: 3,64 m (9,84')
-> Width: 3,49 m (9,8')

-> two parts side with lower part ribbed
-> color either mineral red or unpainted (both weathered), car #1000 bright yellow with large LKAB text and logo
-> two freight cars coupled together with a drawbar
-> no visible classification on cars

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