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Railways in Sweden

Created for by John McKey and Ilkka Siissalo. Pictures by Ilkka and Sanna Siissalo, Hannu Peltola, Gerry Putz, Antti Eväsoja and John McKey.

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MTAB De3 number 1219 in Kiruna Sweden
Swedish Multiple Units Page describes most EMUs and DMUs found in Sweden. This unit also belongs to the Stockholm Area RR Page.

MTAB De3 number 1219 in Kiruna Sweden
Swedish Electric Locomotives Page brings you majority of the electric locomotives, also the new ones.

GC Td number 361 is switching at the Luleå old harbor, Sweden
Swedish Diesel Locomotives is a huge reference with tens of interesting loco types!

MTAB IORE units at Torneträsk in northern Sweden
Malmbana in the Norways north is a major ore railroad with heaviest equipment in Europe.

SSRT Rc6 number 1335 with a regional at Riksgränsen, Sweden
Like with any busy mainline, also the Malmbanan sees a multitude of locomotive models, all equipped for tough winter conditions.

LKAB IORE units 121 and 125 behind the stables, Kiruna, Sweden
The IORE electric locomotives are heaviest in Europe, see IORE theme page for pictures and video...   See also our popular Visions series "Running with IORE" article!

X-tåget 9061 and 9045 in Gävle, Sweden
Uppland lokaltrafik X50-2 i Uppsala

Sweden is a highly interesting railroading country! The beginnings of the railroad era saw numerous sustainable railroad businesses. This period was followed by part nationalization and period of slower progress. However, in the recent years the railroads have by now taken the other way back to all modes of operations: private and public, private-public partnership in national and sometimes in international arenas. For Sweden's fortune, the gauge is same 1435 mm as in Central Europe and running trains to and from there to Sweden is easy.

Sweden has gone far in opening its rail networks to all operators. As a result there are now dozens of operators for freight and local traffic and much of the rolling stock is of the same large selection found anywhere within the EU countries. It looks like the older Swedish rolling stock is also rebuilt in many cases.

In general this heterogenous competition environment is in strong contrast with neighboring country Finland, where no start for even a second railway operator seems to happen. Both countries belong to the European Union, so the rules of competition and environment are pretty much the same, so it's interesting to see two totally different outcomes. While the Swedish traffic is strongly growing, the Finnish traffic is mostly stagnating.  

Swedish Rolling Stock
   Swedish Electric Locomotives      
       Swedish Rc/Rd Electric Locomotives Page  

       Swedish IORE Electric Locomotives Page
       Swedish Dm3 Electric Locomotives Page  
       HectorRail Electric Locomotives Page  

   Swedish Diesel Locomotives   

   Swedish Electric Multiple Units  
       Swedish X3 EMUs Roster Page  
       Swedish X40 EMUs Roster Page  
       Swedish X60 EMUs Roster Page  
   Swedish Maintenance of the Way Units      

    Swedish  Gallery Page  

SJ X2 in Valtorp, Sweden
Hectorrail class 141 numbers 002 in Hallsberg, Sweden

LKAB IORE number 124 in Torneträsk, Sweden
MTAB De3 number 1219 in Kiruna Sweden


The railroad both Norway and Sweden share is the Malmbanan, Ore Railway in English. We will have a series of articles on this subject during this year. The scenery, the rolling stock, the operator and the operations are all very fascinating on this railway!

    Malmbana Main Page...
    Malmbana Locomotives...  
      Malmbana IORE Electric Locomotives Page
      Malmbana Dm3 Classical Electric Locomotives Page  
    Malmbana Rolling Stock  
    Maintenance of the Way Equipment on Malmbana  
    Malmbana Line and Scenery...  
    Stations on the Malmbanan...  

    LKAB Mining Company of the Swedish North
    Other Mining Companies of the Nordic North

SL Tram A32 number 417 at Stora Essingen Stockholm Sweden
Stockholm Local Traffic (SL)

The capital of Sweden has multiple modes in it's transportation: Trains, trams, tunnelbana, naroow gauge railroads, historic trams in daily use, buses. We will take a closer look at the organization and its rail vehicles in 2012.

    Stockholm Local Traffic...  

    SL X60 EMU Roster Page...  
    Trams in the Center of Stcokholm...  
SSRT Rc6 number 1335 with a regional at Riksgränsen, Sweden
Railroad Organizations in Sweden

Will include both operators and other organizations.

    Swedish Operators Page...  
  The old Sweden main page is can be found here while this page is being updated.
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