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Welcome to the Swedens Railroading Main Page! Please pick the category or article below.   

Created for by Ilkka Siissalo, and John McKey. Pictures by Sanna Siissalo, Ilkka Siissalo, Hannu Peltola and John McKey.

Subjects of Sweden

Sweden's Main Page is a great place to start browsing on the Swedish railroading.
SJ X60 in Solna, Stockholm, Sweden
Swedish Multiple Units Page describes most EMUs and DMUs found in Sweden. This unit also belongs to the Stockholm Area RR Page
Hector Rail Traxx in Solna
Swedish Electric Locomotives Page brings you majority of the electric locomotives, also the new ones.
SJ Green Cargo Td number 416in Stockholm Tomteboda
Swedish Diesel Locomotives Page has a large number of locomotives described, also the newest ones.

Swedish MOV Equipment Page helps you to find the Maintenance of the Way equipment used in this large country.
The C20 of the Stockholm Underground passing a bridge in the middle of the city
Stockholm as the Swedish capital is a very lively Railroading city!
Railcare Vossloh Euro 4000 locomotive in Abisco Sweden
Wish to see a great number of Swedish railroading pictures? Swedish Railroad Gallery is a great page to follow!   

Uppland lokaltrafik X50-2 i Uppsala
 General Info on Railroading in Sweden 
Sweden is a highly interesting railroading country! The beginnings of the railroad era saw numerous sustainable railroad businesses. This period was followed by nationalization and period of slower progress. However, in the recent years the railroads have by now taken the other way back to all modes of operations: private and public, in national and internationaln arenas. Sweden has gone far in opening its rail networks to all operators. As a result there are now dozens of operators for freight and local traffic and much of the rolling stock is of the same large selection found anywhere within the EU countries. The last monopoly stronghold for the SJ was the long distance passenger traffic, but even this fortress is now invaded by partnership of Veolia (providing coaches and passenger service) and Hector rail (providing traction power). In general this heterogenous competition environment is in strong contrast with neighboring country Finland, where no start for even a second railway operator seems to happen. Both countries belong to the European Union, so the rules of competition and environment are pretty much the same, so it's interesting to see two totally different outcomes. 
   Swedish Electric Locomotives     
   Swedish Diesel Locomotives   
   Swedish Multiple Units  
   Swedish Maintenance of the Way Units       

    Swedish  Gallery Page  
 Interesting operators   
This section will tell on a collection of interesting operators on the private and public sector.     

MTAB De3 number 1219 in Kiruna Sweden Rolling Stock of Sweden         
Sweden has an interesting collection of both enormously powerful and small locomotives, both famous older equipment built in Sweden and newer Pan-European rolling stock from the industry giants. 

   Swedish Electric Locomotives     
   Swedish Diesel Locomotives   
   Swedish Multiple Units  
   Swedish Maintenance of the Way Units        

SJ Green Cargo T44 number 321 in Stockholm Värtahamnen Gallery for Pictures     
Why not see some of the pictures from Sweden found on the and pick the ones you are most interested in? Now in several categories! 
    Swedish  Gallery Page      

 Maintenance operations in Sweden
Like with any other rapidly developing railroad environment, also in Sweden a large variety of different machines is being used
. The MOV gallery takes a look at these and more can be found from the Swedish RR Gallery.
   Swedish Maintenance of the Way Units    
Skåj Rapic in Solna, Sweden Vintage Rolling Stock     
Will be added later...
X2 at Stenstorp, Sweden
High Speed in Sweden     
Will be added later...
SL Tram A32 number 417 at Stora Essingen Stockholm Sweden Stockholms Railroading      
Stockholm as the Swedish capital is a very lively railroading city with almost all modes of railroading in use!
    Stockholm's Railroading Page...     

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  Some of the subjects 

 Pictures of the High Speed Rolling Stock in Sweden
While Sweden currently lacks the super high speed trains, the country has seen days of national pride on the tilting (at the time) high speed unit trains and RC-locomotives some of which were license sold to Amtrak in the U.S.A.!

Here a SJ owned and operated X2 series tilting unit train (max. speed 200 km/h) is stopping in Malmö in 2003 in a picture by Ilkka Siissalo. Once state of the art, the remaining sets are according to the TR Europe concentrated on the main lines, while nontilting new X200 trains will operate other routes in the near future. The X2/X2000 was once the perl of the Swedish train industry, but has not been a success story in imports.      
I remember sitting on the station south of Stockholm watching some X2's zoom by the station platform obviously just about full speed! Makes you wonder about the safety with all the passengers on the station. Other X2's were stopping and I remember on one occasion seeing the engineer smoking a cigarette in the cabin with windows open. The rules for no smoking existed, but with no sanctions with the Swedish SJ (State railways) these were obviously of little effect. (Never seen anyone else smoking inside the drivers cabin in the Western Europe before or after.)  

Another X2 as LinX (Lin-X meaning leaning X in Swedish language, or almost like the Lynx) painted for the delivery for a traffic between Sweden and Oslo in Norway. These trains have not been able to challenge airlines, with considerable slower travel times on rail. Currently almost twice as fast (360 km/h) super high speed trains on high speed track would had made the difference on the rail traffics advantage. Maybe the future will see a realization of this kind of a project. Swedes seem to have ability to create huge projects, like the super high speed track would be, once they get started. Velaro, TGV and AGV variants would fit the new track perfectly, so this time no new technology creation is needed.   

 Pictures for the Rc6 Locomotives in Sweden
Swedish locomotive industry created some very famous electric traction power. Out of these, the RC6 was most successfull, with numerous units built or converted to this class. This type variant was even licence built in the U.S. in the 1970's-80's, still powering many of the Amtrak trains as AEM7 (the local nickname is "meatball"). Electric power lives long compared to the average diesels and the Swedish unit have gone through a numerous reapintings and some modifications already.  

Here is an example of the RC6 locomotive under the Stockholms Central - the city center railway station. The train switching personnel has just finished coupling the locomotive with traditional long distance coaches. The locomotive has 4 axles and can be found in numerous color variants from themes years earlier! We will have pictures of the others on this page later.  

Another RC6 locomotive number 1359 painted to the interesting black livery. The editor does not know any other country that would had chosen the faded colors of black or gray to the color that all the rolling stock seems to be painted. Since Sweden is a far northern country, this is doubly surprising choise. Brighter colors would look nicer in the northern semidarkness. The picture above and below from Uppsala by Sanna Siissalo 2008.

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 The X50's class Regina trains of the local operators  
We will start our review with pictures of the Upplands Localtrafiks Regina trains. These tilting small EMU's can currently found around Swedish smaller cities connecting them to a network by rail.

Upptåget Regina X50-2 (2 unit trains, there are 2 and 3 unit Reginas in Sweden) approaching the Uppsala city railway station.

Unit 9032 of the Upplands Lokaltrafik fleet of class X50-2 Reginas is approaching the Uppsala station, which is under heavy construction as the old time is giving way to the newer times. Below another unit 9054 on approach. Both pictures by Sanna Siissalo 2008.   

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Click the pictures to see the larger version!

 Pictures from Aspen Sweden

The SJ X2 train is tilting towards the curve leading to Aspen in the Middle of Sweden, slightly north of Stockholm. Pictures by Lorenz Schmuckli 2008.

X2 locomotive in the current livery approaching the Aspen station.

X2 zooms by Aspen station. Pictures by Lorenz Schmuckli 2008.

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