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RR Organizations of Malmbana in Sweden and Norway

Created for by John McKey. Pictures by Ilkka and Sanna Siissalo, Hannu Peltola, Nick Slocombe, Gerry Putz and John McKey.

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MTAB De3 number 1219 in Kiruna Sweden
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MTAB De3 number 1219 in Kiruna Sweden
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MTAB De3 number 1219 in Kiruna Sweden
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SSRT Rc6 number 1335 with a regional at Riksgränsen, Sweden

This page will provide a collection of organizations around the Swedish and Norwegian Malmbana.

   SJ (passenger operator)...     


LKAB IORE number 124 in Torneträsk, Sweden

MTAB De3 number 1219 in Kiruna Sweden

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SJ X2 in Valtorp, Sweden

SJ is the state of Sweden owned passenger operator that handles mainly traffic on the national long distance segment. SJ owns both locomotives and locomotive hauled coaches and semi high speed EMUs. Of these the X2000 units now called SJ2000 are world famous. Another type "SJ3000" Bombardier Regina X55 is now adding to the ranks of the near capacity saturation fleet of the X2000s.

With no firm decisions on the Swedish super high speed lines the current fleet of rolling stock is well suited for the operator.

In addition to its Swedish lines, the SJ also runs to Copenhagen in Denmark through the great tunnel for trains linking the earlier separate states of Sweden and Denmark.

  On the left an X2000 hauled by X2 locomotive dashes by tilting slightly on the curve of Valtorp, Sweden. Picture by Nick Slocombe.    

    Another quite common sight is the handsome black painted Rc6 / Rc3 locomotives, which haul long distance coach trains. Here one of them is seen passing the Södertälje station on the miles long bridge just outside the urban Stockholm. Picture by Hannu Peltola.

SJ class Rc6 number 1411 in Södertälje bridge station, Sweden  

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