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LKAB IORE number 124 in Torneträsk, Sweden

MTAB IOREs number 127 and 128 at Sävast, Boden, Sweden

MTAB De3 number 1219 in Kiruna Sweden

Gällivare station in Northern Sweden

A view from Torneträsk station in northern Sweden

The main mine hill, Kiruna, Sweden

Green Cargo Rc4 numbers 1187 and 1268 in Kiruna with intermodal, Sweden

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Welcome to the Swedish and Norwegian Malmbana (English: Ore Railway) Main Page! Please pick the category or article below.

Malmbana Today
Malmbana ("the Ore Railway") is undoubtedly the most fascinating heavy railroad line in the Nordic. The rail link connects Kiruna in the northernmost Sweden to both Narvik, Norway in the northwest and Luleå several hundred kilometers South of Kiruna. Both cities are on the coast and provide capacity for shipping ore worldwide. Luleå also has large metal refinery so the ore can be manufactured to raw iron and steel slabs then shipped on rail to further processing in Borlänge, Sweden and Europe. Of the two harbors Narvik is ice free in winter too and this has become the main consideration in the battle for reducing the shipping costs. Even with the demanding crossing on the mountains by the curvy Malmbana railway running on the mountain sides Narvik harbor is a busy place.

Every day some 20 huge trains pulled by the IORE locomotives are shipped from the several mines operated by LKAB. The scale of the operations is enormous: the city of Kiruna alone has the largest underground mine in the whole world! And this is just one of the mines. Occasionally even 6 loaded trains can be seen any one time waiting for the permission to cross the mountains to feed the incoming line of ships.

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   Malmbana - the Iron road on Visions series...

Malmbana Rolling Stock
"the Ore Railway" has rolling stock of many extremes, size being just one factor.

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   IORE Electric Locomotives Page of MTAB (part of LKAB)...
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 Ore cars used on Malmbana...

  Other freight cars of Malmbana...
  Malmbana coaches...

  Passenger Train Operations on Malmbana...
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  Maintenance of the Way Equipment Used on Malmbana...

Organizations around Malmbanan
Read more about the mighty LKAB, MTAB, MTAS, Green Cargo, SSRT, SJ, Northland Resources, VR Track, Infranord, etc.     

  Organizations around the Malmbana...
  LKAB, MTAB and MTAS...
  Northland Resources...

  Luleå Railroad Museum...
  Malmbana History...
  Development of the Heavy Ore Cars for Malmbana...

Malmbanan, Track, Stations and Scenery
The Geographics of the route, line and scenery...
  The Stations and Line of the Malmbanan...
  Some of the Wilderness Around the Track...

The Future of the Malmbana

  Development work in progress and planned on Malmbana...

Created for by John McKey and Hannu Peltola. Pictures by Deane Motis, Ilkka Siissalo, Hannu Peltola and John McKey.

Also in this sectionSSRT Rc6 number 1335 with a regional at Riksgränsen, Sweden
Like with any busy mainline, also the Malmbana sees a multitude of locomotive models, all equipped for tough winter conditions.

LKAB IORE units 121 and 125 behind the stables, Kiruna, Sweden
IORE electric locomotives are heaviest in Europe, see IORE theme page for pictures and video...  See also our popular Visions series "Running with IORE" article!

MTAB Dm3 1226-x-x, Luleå, Sweden
King of the road before the advent of the heavy IORE locos the Dm3/Dm locomotives pulled heavy ore trains for decades, some of them upgraded twice enroute!

MTAB De3 number 1219 in Kiruna Sweden
Swedish Electric Locomotives Page
brings you majority of the electric locomotives, both old and new

GC Td number 361 is switching at the Luleå old harbor, Sweden
Swedish Diesel Locomotives Pageis a huge reference with tens of interesting loco types!

Malmbana Picture in Swedish and Norwegian Gallery
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