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Stockholm Local Traffic

Welcome to the refurbished Stockholm local traffic page. Stockholm as a million city has a lively multimode transportation with trains, several types of light rail, buses and some other forms of transportation. Because of this and its long term building it is also one the most interesting.

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SL X60 numbers 6013 and 6022 dorming during a work day, Stockholms Central, Sweden
Picture above: The Alstom built X60 units wait outside the Stockholm Main during the work day. Picture by John McKey.

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Created for by John McKey. Pictures by Hannu Peltola, Ilkka Siissalo, Andreas Ehnberg and John McKey.

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SL's Role as the Organizer of the Traffic


The Local Trains

 The Local Trains
SL X60 numbers 6013 and 6022 dorming during a work day, Stockholms Central, Sweden X60 of SL
The great majority of today's local train traffic is operated by the X60 EMUs owned by SL and operated by the one who makes the best offer for the period of 8 -12 years. The Coradia Nordic type EMUs are known for their fast acceleration, deceleration and ability to feed back the excess energy to the networks. In their normal configuration two units are always run together on the North - South main line through the Stockholm main station.

In the picture the X60 units are waiting at the Main station for the afternoon rush hour to restart their journeys through Stockholm.

Picture by John Mckey.

   The X60 EMUs Page...


SJ X40 number 3707 in Linköping, Sweden

X40 of SJ
The state operator SJ is responsible for much of the Stockholm regional traffic. The double decked X40 units are often found with 2 + 3 unit combinations and run up to two to three hours long routes all directions from Stockholm. Here a normal configuration train is found in Jönköping, where the trains probabaly traffic to Göteborg in the west coast.

Picture by Ilkka Siissalo.


   The X40 EMUs Page...

Arlanda Express X3 number 06 in new livery at Arlanda airport, Sweden

X3 of Arlanda Express
Part of the Stcokholm area transportation system is Arlanda Express with its X3 Pre Coradia EMUs. These trains dash between Stockholm Central and Arlanda international airport every 10 minutes much of the time.

There is a nother line north under construction from Arland airport. Once it is finished the X3 EMUs will get competition from the SL X60s running between Uppsala and the center of Stockholm via Arlanda airport.

Picture by Ilkka Siissalo.


   The X3 EMUs Page...

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The Tunnelbana Units (Metro)

 The Tunnelbana
Tunnelbana unit 2103 of SL, Stockholm, Sweden

The Stockholm metro, Tunnelbana (Engl:tunnel line), the newer preseries unit 2103 is seen outside at the Ropsten terminal station. At Ropsten passengers change to buses and Lidingöbanan old tram like cars.

The C20 / C20F series were built by Adtranz / Bombardier. The trains consist of three modules that are coupled together in the walk through configuration. The 75 trains use third rail 650 volt direct current.


  On the left unit 2103 "Janne" seen at Ropsten. Every unit has a Swedish or Finnish first name for it. Picture by John McKey.  

SL Tunnelbana Unit 2652 in Ropsten, Stockholm, Sweden

The older C6H Tunnelbana modular unit is also seen at Ropsten. These units were manufactured by ASEA in 1970 - 1974 and are now being phased out because of the much more efficient newer C20 units. However it looks like it still is possible tto run into one or two trains of these every time while visiting Stockholm, Sweden.

Picture by John McKey.

SL Saltsjöbanan number 2897 in Slussen, Stockholm, Sweden

Saltsjöbanan (Salt lake rail line) uses the old Tunnelbana equipment for its line linking the middle of Stockholm with some southwestern parts of it.

Picture by Ilkka Siissalo.

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