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RhB Ge4/4 at station

Welcome to Rhätische Bahn Theme Pages!
The most popular railroad among tourists, but also important to the Swiss people is Rhätische Bahn. With its 19th century roots this narrow gauge network has numerous "Zauberhafte" views of the Alpine mountains, gorges, rivers, woods. The railroad also has a bridge belonging to the treasures of the Unesco world heritage list. This Rhätische Bahn section will grow to several pages given some time.

Swiss Rhb bridge between Chur and Arosa

Created for by Ilkka Siissalo and John McKey. Pictures by Nick Slocombe, Lorenz Schmuckli, Ilkka Siissalo, Sanna Siissalo and John McKey.

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ICN / Rabde500 at Wassen on Gotthard Route
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SBB Crocodile ce6-8 II from Erstfeld Switzerland
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SBB Cargo Re 10/10 in Muttenz Switzerland
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Rhätische Bahn Main Attractions

RhB train
The Network

Swiss RhB Ge4/4 628 with a passenger train
RhB Rolling Stock
  The RhB Electric Motive Power...
  The RhB Coaches and Other Cars...

Electric Multiple Units in Switzerland...
  Electric Locomotives in Switzerland...
RhB Alvaneu station from above

RhB Early History


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