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Rigi Bahn, Switzerland

Welcome to Rigibahn Theme Page of! We are in process of building a large page of this scenic place on the Swiss mountains. Please pick the category or article below!


Rigi Bahn is a true mountain railroad with two lines from the valleys below climbing the sides of the mountains and converging at the top. The view from the top are breathtaking and thus very popular among the tourists in Switzerland.

  The Rigi-Staffel at the mountain top...

Created for by John McKey, Andreas Ehnberg and Ilkka Siissalo. Pictures by Andreas Ehnberg and Ilkka Siissalo.

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  The Rigi-Staffel at the top
Rigi Bahn, Switzerland
The Rigi-Staffel is the area at the top of the Rigi mountain. It offers beautiful vistas high abocve the surrounding areas. For railfans thisis also a place where you can both enjoy the nature, light, views and numerous trains coming and going from the two feeder lines.
Rigi Bahn, Switzerland
Rigi Bahn, Switzerland
Rigi Bahn, Switzerland

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