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Finnish Heritage Vr1 / L1 "Chicken" Visions Page
By Hannu Peltola

Welcome to the Finnish heritage steam Vr1 Picture Page. Let the pictures speak for themselves! All pictures were taken in or near Pieksamaki by Hannu Peltola. - - - Click any picture to see a larger version! - - -

Vr1 near Pieksämäki, Finland

Vr1 near Pieksämäki, Finland



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  More Pictures and Techniocal Details of Vr1 / L1

Vr1 near Pieksämäki, Finland

Information on the Finnish Vr1
Vr1, nick named "Chicken", were built in 1913 - 1927 as L1, late Russian period and early independence years for Finland. This locomotive type was designed in Finland and manufactured in Germany by Hanomag but also in Finland by Tampella. The L1 was the first "heavy" swither and a very successful one: the last ones were removed from the regular service as late as 1975! The "chicken" nick name derives from the up and down going movement of the locomotive front when moving.

Vr1 / L1 Technical Details

-> Type: Vr1, originally L1

-> Builder: Tampella (Finland) and Hanomag (Germany)
-> Operator: Valtionrautatiet (Finnish State Railways)
-> Owners: Several museums and associations
-> Number of units built: 43, all retired, some in display, nr. 665 in
museum traffic by Pieksämäen Höyryveturiyhdistys ry.
-> Delivered to use: 1913 - 1927, unit 665 in Pictures was built in 1921

-> Axles: Ct (3 axles connected) / 0-6-0
-> Unit power (3 axles powered): unknown
-> Starting tractive effort: -
-> Energy source: Steam locomotive burning wood or coal
(wood is abundant in Finland)
-> Operational max. speed: 25 km/h originally, museum use now 40 km/h

-> Mass, metric tons: 44 t net
-> Gauge: 1524 mm (5 ft)
-> length: 9,1 meters
-> Coupler type: hook and chain

Easy recognition guide

* 3 axles with no leading axles or tender.
* Number series 600
* Only seen in Finland

Vr1 near Pieksämäki, Finland

Vr1 near Pieksämäki, Finland

Vr1 near Pieksämäki, Finland

Vr1 near Pieksämäki, Finland

Vr1 near Pieksämäki, Finland

Vr1 near Pieksämäki, Finland

Vr1 near Pieksämäki, Finland


VR1 Visions page created for by Hannu Peltola and John McKey. Pictures by Hannu Peltola.

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